2020 BAFTA Games Awards Winners Announced

The winners of the 16th annual BAFTA Games have been announced. Considering the number of video game award screenings this year, the nominees shouldn’t have such a big surprise at the moment. Of course, the outer desert, control, death, Luigi 3 and Sekiro’s mansion: All Shadows Die Twice’s games have been nominated for a number of different awards, as well as several other critically acclaimed games released last year. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the celebration took place from the home of the host, Dar O Brian, but especially from the winners of the evening. The rewards were characterised by a number of obvious inconveniences and unexpected rewards for some lesser-known titles.

In addition to the different game categories, various prizes were awarded to different players in the game industry:

    • BAFTA fair: Hideo Kojima


    • Best actor in the supporting role : Martti Suosalo (Control)


    • Dear Singer: Gonzalo Martin (Life is Strange 2)


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Read on to find out which games have won the BAFTA Games Awards!

The best music, the best story and the best first game: Elysium Disco


Music Second place: Control, Death Thread, The Outer Wilderness, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s awake, Watts.

Storytellers: Control, Life is Strange 2 (Episodes 2-5), The Outer Wilderness, The Jedi Star Wars: The order is broken, the outside world.

The first tokens in the game: Ape Out, Death Stranding, Katana ZERO, Knight and Bikes, Manifold Garden.

The best game of evolution: The road to exile

Runners upstairs: Legends of the Summit, Destiny 2, Final Fantasy XIV: Shadow Bringer, fourteen years old, the paradise of man…

The best family game of all time: Wild goose with the same name


Runners upstairs: Concrete technology, knights and engines, Villa Luigi 3, holiday simulator, Wattam

The mobile game of the year: Service mobile phone call

Runners upstairs: Careful, dead man’s phone, Pokémon Go, Tangle Tower, what’s golf?

Better animation: Luga Manor 3


Runners upstairs: The call of duty: Modern warfare, control, thread of death, Sayonara Wild Hearts, Sekiro: Shadows die twice.

Artistic realization: Sayonara game hearts

Riders upstairs: Concrete gin, control, death-wire, Elysium disco, knights and bikes

The British game: Follow-up


Runners upstairs: Rally DiRT 2.0, Sky Jump, Knights and Bikes, Planet Zoo, Total War: Three kingdoms

Range audio : Monkey


Runners upstairs: The call of duty: Modern warfare, control, death wire, Star Wars Jedi: The Order of the Fallen, the Nameless Goose…

The best multiplayer game ever: Legends of the summits

Runners upstairs: Boarderlands 3, Call of Duty: Modern warfare, Luigi Mansion 3, tick-tock: A fairy tale for two, Tom Clancy is part two.

A game beyond entertainment: Friendly words (lo-fi chill beats to write)

Runners upstairs: Civilisation VI : The Coming Storm, The Death String, Life is Strange 2 (episodes 2-5), Neo Cab, The Ring Fit Adventure…

A technical tour de force: The thread of death


Runners upstairs: It’s a story about parasites: Innocence, duty calls: Modern Warfare, Control, Subway Exodus, Sekiro: Shadows die twice.

Best original movie, best game design and best game: The outdoors wilderness

Outdoor wilderness (Photo: Mobius Digital)

Original property of the tokens: Baba, it’s you, Control, Scroll of Death, Disco Elysium, Game of the Nameless Goose.

Runner in game design: Baba, it’s you, Control, Disco Elysium, Sekiro: Shadows die twice, Watts.

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