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Update : 11. April 2020 11:31:37

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Rajesh Top said that 91% of the state’s cases were concentrated in Greater Mumbai and Puna. (file)

LAUGHTER with the center to those who have not reported cases of coronavirus to produce in the green zone as they maintain a social distance between workers and keep them in their area, Health Minister Rajesh Tope said Saturday, adding that the center will issue guidelines on the issue in a few days.

Topi said that in a videoconference with Prime Minister Narendra Maudie, discussions continued on the possibility of allowing Green Zones to resume their internal activities as long as their borders are sealed.

According to the Minister of Health, areas of the country with 15 or more cases of VIDOC-19 can be classified as red, with the 15 positive cases in orange, and without VIDOC-19 in green.

The Prime Minister also said that green, orange and red zones would be created throughout the country. Detailed instructions on these matters will be given in a day or two. Even if the blockade is extensive, we may be able to take some measures in green areas where there are no cases by completely sealing off the boundaries of the area. The Prime Minister has proposed a new concept of closure, whereby sectors that swear to keep a social distance and what it means to be locked up will keep their workers at a safe distance on their premises, after which their production can continue. The Prime Minister gave this instruction during today’s videoconference, Mr Topi said.

He also stated that Maharashtra had proposed to the Centre and the Indian Medical Research Council (ICMR) to allow pool testing in the state in order to improve the tests. This could multiply the test capabilities by a factor of 10 to 20.

In this method, multiple swab samples are combined and tested with one PCRT test. If the test is negative, it means that all people who have been tested are negative. However, if the test is positive, all test samples must be tested individually to identify positive persons.

In a test in the spit bucket, 10 people are tested together. If we find a positive case among them, each of them has to take an individual test. But if it’s negative, we test everyone. This saves time and test kits. This new concept can be useful in a country as densely populated as ours, according to Topi.
Maharashtra, which has the highest number of VIDOC-19 cases, has also carried out the highest number of tests in the country, the Minister of Health said. We’ve run 33,000 tests so far, Mr. Top said.

During a video conference with the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister proposed a new test pool concept on behalf of our state. We have studied the practice we followed in the United States by some of the Maharashtra doctors working there and presented them to the Prime Minister and IMDC for admission to the state and country, Mr Topi said.

Topi said that 91% of cases in the state are concentrated in the Mumbai and Puna region.

He said it was important to be disciplined right now, otherwise the blockade, which is in place in Maharashtra until the thirtieth anniversary of the end of the war, will be over. The Commission considers that the extension of the deadline of 1 April can remain in force for a longer period.

According to the instructions of the center, Topi said that the hospitals will be divided into three categories? COVID care centres for asymptomatic patients with positive symptoms, COVID medical centres for patients with mild symptoms and COVID hospitals for patients with severe symptoms. Large hospitals like the Seven Hills in Andheri (East) are used in all three categories, he said.

M. Topi said telemedicine will be open to doctors in all districts on a pro bono basis so that other health services in the state will not be affected.
He also added that paramedics need to be trained and people need to download the Aarogya Setu application because it can be useful for contact tracing.

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