Best NBA Free Agents Available Right Now

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The Larry O’Brien trophy is now more than ever. The NBA will resume after a four-month break, which means all players will be looking forward to the rest of the season and the playoffs, fresh from their seats.

This unprecedented situation gets even crazier after the league allows the teams to sign two additional players before entering the Orlando bubble. This means that unsigned veterans can come back and continue the championship until they retire.

But who are the best players and where do they draw? For most of them this may be their last dance, so they have to choose their destination carefully. That is why we will break it down for you in the following paragraphs:

Petrol low

Pau Gasol has not played for a long time because of an injury, but has recently announced that he is not yet ready to resign. The double NBA champion was able to offer experienced and indispensable leadership and contribute to the work of the champion team.

Gasoline is one of the greatest foreign players of all time and he deserves the chance to leave the league on his own terms. Any team that can use their jump and allows about 12 to 15 minutes a day will be happy to have it on their list.

The best place: Los Angeles Lakers

Kenneth Farid

Credit : USA Today

Kenneth Farid has to play in the league. He has proven to be an inexhaustible source of energy in the attacking glass, and his ability to walk on the line can help many teams who need to be on the edge. You can propose your teams that meet that description.

We all know what Farid’s capable of. He is an impostor, a physical type that compensates for his lack of greatness with his exceptional rebound time and offbeat athletics. He may not be a bomber, but he can make a big difference in the playoffs.

The best place: The Celts of Boston

Lance Stevenson

Credit : Getty Pictures

Lance Stevenson’s a bucket. He’s a universal player who can do all the little things to help the team win, even in defense. He can play and hold up to three spaces on the course and you know he won’t withdraw from any challenge.

Stevenson may be a little confused, but he has proven that he is able to concentrate and do what is best for his team. Due to its versatility and ability to fill in statistics, it is the type of low-risk pickup truck that can have a major impact in the play-offs.

The best place: Indiana-Pacemaker

Iman Schumpert

Iman Schumpert has had a lot of bad luck the last two seasons. He couldn’t find the right place for him, and just when it looked like he was finally going to play for his opponent, the networks had to let him go. But it can be very useful in the playoffs.

Shumpert is a typical type of 3D player that all teams should have in their line-up. It is a physical stop that does not hesitate to put its body on the line every time it receives the ball and protects the opponent’s best striker.

The best place: The Brooklyn Networks

Collision with Darren

(via the Los Angeles Daily News)

Darren Collison was about to return this season, but said he still wasn’t in shape. Since then, he’s had enough time to get back in shape. We therefore do not rule out that he can sign a contract with the other party for the rest of the season.

Collison will give a huge boost to every team that comes from the bank. He’s an excellent three-point shooter and an above-average playmaker who provides a long-lasting lead that is always useful in such situations.

The best place: Special case of Dallas

Jamal Crawford

Credit : Getty Pictures

Jamal Crawford is one of the most talented predecessors in the game. He’s a walking bucket that can burn and embarrass the league’s best defenders in an instant. He proved it by scoring 51 points the last time he had the chance to play in the NBA.

Crawford will never be a good defense attorney. However, it is a player who plays immediately in the attack of the bank, allowing your team to come back with a double-digit deficit. He still got it and showed his desire to return to the competition.

The best place: The Los Angeles Clippers

Nick Yang

Credit : Getty Pictures

Nick Young is an artist on and behind the stage. That’s why he has a reputation that might not help him make a deal. However, several teams now have the unique opportunity to add another sniper, and he is one of the best.

Yang is a striped bomber. It can be from 5 to 5 at the bow or from 1 to 9. It’s a good thing he keeps shooting, because his self-confidence remains intact. This could be the X-factor for any play-off team coming from the bank.

The best place: The Houston rockets

JR Smith

(via Diario AS)

You may not believe it because he had a play-off crisis, but J.R. Smith is now a much more mature player than before in his career. He has accepted his role and can now become a very valuable asset to any team that organises an NBA championship.

Smith should get more credit for his defense in court. He’s also one of the best at firing controversial shots. So if a team is looking for a three-dimensional shooter, all they have to do is pick up the phone and meet Henny God.

The best place: Milwaukee dollar

Isaiah Thomas

(via the complex)

It’s crazy to think that Isaiah Thomas was top scorer in the fourth quarter, MVP candidate, All-Star winner and leader of Boston Celtics less than five years ago, and now he can’t even get a ten-day contract. Life happens to you fast.

Thomas may not be the same explosive bomber as he was before his back injury. However, she can deliver a lot of strength and about 15 points and 4 assists per match if she gets off the bench. He deserves a chance to prove his skeptics wrong again.

The best place: Philadelphia Sixers

Nephews and nieces of DeMarcus

(via screen and roll)

Finally we find DeMarcus’ nephews and nieces. Boogie’s been awfully lucky since he left the kings of Sacramento. He suffered devastating injuries that could prevent him from returning to his former star and NBA level.

However, given his talent and taste for the game, he would have been a player with a very low risk and high return at this time of the season. I mean, if he could be a third of the player he was before he got injured, he’d be even better than more than half the big players in the league.

The best place: Los Angeles Lakers



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