Defending Jacob is coming over to Apple TV+. Cast, date of release, plot, and trailer.

The novel by Willian Lundy, which James defends, will soon premiere on Apple TV+. Read on for more information.

To protect Jacob, William Landey’s novel appears as a mini-series. The Apple TV+ series started on the 24th. Premiere April 2020. In September 2018 they also placed a series order for this. The show is produced by Chris Evans, Morten Tildum, Rosalie Sweedlin and Adam Shulman.

Who is at the top of the list?

There are three lead roles on the castlist: Chris Evans as Andy Barbera, Michelle Dockery as Laurie Barber and Jaden Martell as Jacob Barber. Andy Bubber will appear as a prosecutor in the death of a 14-year-old boy.

Laurie Barber plays Andy’s wife. Jacob Barber plays the role of Andy and Laurie’s son, who participates in the investigation and is declared a suspect.


The mini-series is based on the story of the death of a 14-year-old boy, Ben Rifkin, who will be investigated by Andy Barber, Newton’s assistant attorney. He and his wife Lori will be reunited with their son Jacob, Ben’s classmate.

At first Andy will suspect a paedophile, but later he will have a difficult relationship with his son Jacob and the victim Ben. And how Andy and his Laurie are gonna save their son Jacob and show them if Jacob killed Ben or not.

When does he graduate?

The program will be broadcast for the first time on the 24th. Released in April 2020 on Apple TV+.

A breathtaking trailer of Protecting James gives you goose bumps. You’ll see that Andy finds his son Jacob, a suspect. Jacob will be arrested for premeditated murder.

Jacob’s parents, Andy and Laurie, are doing everything they can to protect their son, because they both know about his son’s declaration of innocence. But no one knows the truth. Is Jacob innocent? Keep an eye on the exciting caravan below.defending jacob release date,defending jacob cast,defending jacob apple tv release date,defending jacob tv show release date,defending jacob tv series release date,defending jacob apple tv+ trailer,defending jacob book,defending jacob movie netflix