Drones Built For Heavier Payloads

Ideal Hexacopter Drones for Hefty Lift Commercial Usage

When it involves bring a haul or catching airborne digital photography, couple of drones are as flawlessly sized or valued as a hexacopter drone. As its name recommends, this modern-day design wonder is powered by 6 blades rather than the sector conventional 4 (quadcopters).

We display a range of the very best quadcopter drones, the majority of which are less costly than hexacopters and also preferably fit for enthusiasts. While rather effective in their very own right, the majority of quadcopters are unable of creating adequate drive to lug an exterior video camera.

On the various other hand, there’s constantly octocopter drones, which are generally much more pricey than a hexacopter because of their dimension and also boosted weight bearing abilities. Such octocopters are excellent for specialized jobs within the motion picture service, farming sector, armed forces, or search and also rescue.

If you wonder regarding distinctions, this write-up has extensive contrasts of hexacopters vs. quadcopters. Listed below, we will certainly evaluate our 10 ideal hexacopter drones for hefty lift industrial usage.

Yuneec Tropical Cyclone H Pro

Yuneec Typhoon H Pro

The Yuneec Tropical Cyclone H Pro has actually pressed the borders of drone modern technology like couple of various other hexacopters prior to it. Its self-governing trip abilities and also smart challenge evasion make it a standout in this course.

Many Thanks to its Intel RealSense technology the Tropical storm H maps its setting in 3d to stay clear of items. These functions allow it lug hefty hauls at broadband, in 30 mile per hr winds, over and also under barriers, without needing your interest.

The enhanced second-generation Tropical storm H was constructed with creatives in mind, intending to supply both amazing trip security and also photo high quality. It is geared up with a one-inch sensing unit video camera efficient in shooting in 4K/60 fps and also 20 MP stills.


  • GCO3+ Gimbal-Stabilization
  • Contour Cable Television Webcam Programmable Filming Routes
  • 4K Cam With 20 MP Stills Setting
  • Intel RealSense Autonomous Trip Technology
  • GENERAL PRACTITIONER Tracking and also Targeting Abilities
  • Retracting Touchdown Equipment


  • Weight: 5 extra pounds
  • Max Carry Capability: 5 extra pounds
  • Max Rate: 45 miles per hr
  • Max Variety: Roughly half a mile
  • Max Trip Time with Haul: 25 mins
Yuneec Typhoon H Pro

DJI Spreading Out Wings S900 Hexacopter

DJI Spreading Wings S900 Hexacopter

Like the majority of the drones within the DJI fleet, the DJI Dispersing Wings S900 loads rather the strike. This magnificently developed item of equipment is as qualified as it is smooth. It is among the very best industrial drones of 2018.

Made from a durable carbon fiber structure, this drone is light-weight, however still efficient in moving a hefty haul. Its propulsion system has actually additionally obtained an electric motor upgrade contrasted to previous DJI designs, boosting its performance and also accuracy.

With space-saving collapsible arms, the S900 is developed to take a trip with you. It can be prepared to enter simply mins. Currently, any person can record motion picture shots that when would certainly have called for a full-sized helicopter.


  • Retracting Touchdown Equipment
  • Extendable Arms That Retract in Trip
  • Glow Evidence Plug
  • Improved Power Circulation System
  • Resonance Decrease Dampers
  • Detachable Upper Centerboard


  • Weight: 7 extra pounds
  • Max Carry Capability: 11 extra pounds
  • Max Trip Time with Haul: 18 mins
  • Max Rate: 35 miles per hr
DJI Spreading Wings S900 Hexacopter

Walkera H500 Carbon Version Ready to Fly Hexacopter

Walkera H500 Carbon Edition Ready to Fly Hexacopter

The Walkera H500 is the excellent one-stop FPV for starting cinematographers. It comes equipped with a 1080 p, 30 structure per 2nd, iLook+ camera.

Enjoyable and also quick, the Walkera flaunts a radio transmitter with a 5″ video clip display. Equipped with one-of-a-kind functions and also the H500 flying system, this drone equilibriums power and also mobility.


  • One touch liftoff and also touchdown
  • GENERAL PRACTITIONER Elevation Hold System
  • 3-axis brushless 3-D Gimbal
  • Smart Trip Recuperation System
  • Active IOC( smart alignment control) feature
  • Brand-new Smart Positioning Control Feature


  • Weight: 5.5 extra pounds
  • Max Carry Capability: 1 extra pounds
  • Max Rate: 25 miles per hour
  • Max Variety: 1 mile
  • Max Trip Time with Haul: 25 mins
Walkera H500 Carbon Edition Ready to Fly Hexacopter

DJI Matrice 600 Pro

DJI Matrice 600 Pro

The Matrice 600 Pro has actually surpassed the monster of a hexacopter, the M600, and also boosted its weight-bearing capacity and also trip efficiency. It is natively suitable with numerous top notch electronic cameras from Zenmuse to Red Epics.

With amazing variety, this hexacopter is produced severe filmmakers trying to find following degree motion picture shots. It sustains approximately 10 gimbal systems, can lug nearly any type of video camera, and also comes equipped with DJI’s cutting-edge innovations, which make certain an exceptionally smooth shoot.

The weight bearing airframe is made from the toughest products. However the drone was enhanced effortlessly of traveling in mind; its fast launch touchdown equipment and also collapsible structure arms permit it to fall down right into fifty percent of its dimension in order to be nicely kept in the traveling sized M600 Pro instance.


  • Easy to establish, RTF in mins
  • Cost 6 batteries at the same time in the M600 professional battery charger
  • A3 Trip Pro Controller
  • Auto-adjusting trip criteria based upon haul
  • Dustproof propulsion systems
  • Energetic air conditioning electric motors for longer trip


  • Weight: 20 extra pounds
  • Max Carry Capability: 13 extra pounds
  • Max Rate: 40 miles per hr
  • Max Variety: 3 miles
  • Max Trip Time with Haul: 18 mins
DJI Matrice 600 Pro

Freefly Equipments Alta 6 UAV

Freefly Systems Alta 6 UAV

The Freefly Equipments Alpha 6 could be one of the most incredibly constructed hexacopter on the marketplace. Maximized for hefty hauls, the Alpha 6 is ingenious, active, smart, and also reliable.

Developed for mobility, the ingenious Alta 6 folding system enables the drone to small to one-third of its flying dimension. It is, undoubtedly, one of the most packable drone within its course.

This drone is produced bad weather, however if you are trying to find a cheaper rainproof UAV, look into our ideal water-proof drones.


  • Unboxes prepared to movie in under 5 mins
  • Skies Sight and also Ground Sight Configurations
  • Ultra Lightweight Framework
  • Integrated SYNAPSE Trip Controller
  • Climate Immune
  • Toad in the red fast launch system


  • Weight: 10 extra pounds
  • Max Carry Capability: 15 extra pounds
  • Max Rate: 35 miles per hr
  • Max Variety: 1 mile
  • Max Trip Time with Haul: 40 mins
Freefly Systems Alta 6 UAV

Yuneec Hurricane H920 Hexacopter

Yuneec Tornado H920 Hexacopter

The Yuneec Hurricane H920 is yet an additional giant hexacopter by Yuneec drone business. This beast has actually been enhanced with GB603 Gibal made especially for the Panasonic GH4 video camera.

The Hurricane is an advanced UAV made to lug much heavier hauls. It comes equipped with an unreasonable quantity of safety and security functions implied to secure both your drone and also your equipment.

This is no enthusiast drone; it was constructed out of the very best light-weight products in order to offer power and also security to any type of expert cameraman.


  • H920 transmitter includes 7-inch Android tablet computer
  • Follow Me
  • Waypoints
  • Carbon fiber hefty lift structure
  • Real-time tracking and also OSD information
  • Retracting touchdown equipment
  • Car departure, touchdown, and also return residence


  • Weight: 11 extra pounds
  • Max Carry Capability: 5 extra pounds
  • Max Rate: 25 miles per hr
  • Max Variety: 1 mile
  • Max Trip Time with Haul: 25 mins
Yuneec Tornado H920 Hexacopter

DJI Spreading Out Wings S800 Evo Hexacopter

DJI Spreading Wings S800 Evo Hexacopter

An additional among the DJI treasures, the S800 Evo is an incredible hexacopter. With 360- level gimbal motion and also smart stablizing, the DJI S800 can record motion picture shots in crystal clear clearness.

This hexacopter can sustaining a significant haul, consisting of most any type of expert video camera. If you desire a hexacopter with extraordinary control and also security, look no more.

Although the S800 does not come prepared to fly, it is referred to as among the most convenient setting up commercial hexacopter on the marketplace.


  • Folding Propellers and also Foldable GPS Brace
  • Future Generation Expert Hex-Rotor System
  • Solid, Stiff Framework Framework
  • Steady, High-Performance Power System
  • Retracting Touchdown Equipment,
  • High-Performance Damper Package


  • Weight: 8 extra pounds
  • Max Carry Capability: 8 extra pounds
  • Max Rate: 30 miles per hr
  • Max Variety:.5 miles
  • Max Trip Time with Haul: 20 mins

Ideal Hexacopter Package Drones

Although they might not be for everybody, some drone lovers choose to purchase drone sets. If you have the knowledge to set up such drones, or have the need to, the listed below listings the very best hexacopter package drones on the marketplace.

DJI Spreading Wings S800 Evo Hexacopter

Tarot Card 680 Pro Drone Package

Tarot 680 Pro Drone Kit

The Tarot Card 680 Pro Hexacopter is just one of the very best hexacopter drone sets offered.

When set up, this drone is packed with smart modern technology. Its collapsible carbon fiber airframe and also flexible electric motor place make it light and also very easy to take a trip with.

Prior to you make a decision to purchase a drone package, make certain to do your study. That claimed, getting a setting up package in a lot of cases is a less costly means to construct an effective drone, and also it enables you to personalize your hexacopter to your requirements.

Package Consists Of:

  • Tarot Card 680 PRO Six-axis Folding Hexacopter Airplane Framework
  • 6 x Platinum-30 A-Pro 2-6S 30 A Rate Controller ESC
  • APM 2.8 Multicopter Trip Controller
  • Updated Integrated Compass
  • Multifunction Power Circulation Board 5.3 V BEC
  • SKYRC iMAX B6 Mini 60 w Equilibrium Battery charger Discharger
  • Trip Control Board
  • DJI GPS Folding Antenna Mount
  • Flysky 5 network transmitter


  • Weight: 6 extra pounds
  • Max Carry Capability: 3-5 extra pounds
  • Max Rate: 50 miles per hr
  • Max Variety: Fifty percent a mile
  • Max Trip Time with Haul: 20 mins
Tarot 680 Pro Drone Kit

The QWinOut F550 Hexacopter Package

The QWinOut F550 Hexacopter Kit

If you desire a set that provides a satisfying difficulty, the QWinOout F550 is just one of the even more prominent hexacopter kit-building selections on the marketplace. When set up, this hexacopter is effective and also personalized.

For those that enjoy to experiment and also dabble, the F550 is a budget friendly choice to numerous package designs. When it prepares to go, this hexacopter is incredibly qualified.

If these drones are still out of your cost variety, there are a range of less costly drones such as the X960 Look into our ideal economical drones to purchase.

Package Consists Of:

  • A F550 Hexa-Rotor Air Framework FlameWheel Package
  • 6 x A2212 1000 KV Brushless Outrunner Electric Motor W/ Mount
  • 6 x 30 A Brushless ESC 3 *10 × 4.5 3K Carbon Fiber Prop
  • 1045 R CF Props Blade
  • KKMulticopter V2.5 upgraded Circuit card
  • Trip Controller V5.5
  • Global Tall Touchdown Skid PTZ
  • 4 x 65 mm Influence Resistance Skid-Proof Sponge Foam Tube Sphere

Specifications are:

As a result of the customizable/hobbyist nature of this package, specifications differ commonly upon the components made use of by the package contractor.

The QWinOut F550 Hexacopter Kit

DJI F550 Fire Wheel Arf Package

DJI F550 Flame Wheel Arf Kit

DJI additionally offers very qualified hexacopter sets. Although these drones call for added setting up and also acquisitions, it is a very budget-friendly choice to various other RTF DJI drones.

Made from light-weight ultra-strength elements, this tiny however effective hexacopter is developed to endure collisions. The heavyweight structure is basic, managing you max customizability.

It flies secure and also can installing a go professional or comparable sized video camera. If you have an interest in attempting your hand at videography, the DJI F550 is a fairly economical access right into the marketplace.

Package Consists Of:

  • F450 ARF Package
  • Touchdown Equipment
  • Naza-M V2 Trip Controller
  • Calls for soldering

Specifications are:

  • Weight: 2 extra pounds
  • Max Carry Capability: 2.5 extra pounds
  • Max Rate: 43 miles per hr
  • Max Variety: Depend upon the transmitter
  • Max Trip Time with Haul: 20 mins
DJI F550 Flame Wheel Arf Kit


Whatever kind of drone lover you are, hexacopters are not just mosting likely to service your every requirement (industrial or entertainment), they’re mosting likely to instruct you a great deal regarding drone modern technology. These aren’t your conventional quadcopters, these are the sector alphas.