Endgame Deleted Scene Suggests Thanos Can Return?

As unlikely as it may seem, there is at least a possibility that Thanos will return to a beautiful film world. It’s based on a remote scene from The Avengers: The last game recently released on the Internet. The scene in question is an alternative version of the encounter between the hull and the Ancients of Days, which represents a logic that could open the door to the return of the Mad Titan.

The scene is very different from the one we saw in the theatre section. Instead of the Ancients of Days being wary of handing over the Stone of Time, the Hulk is in violation of the mission the Avengers took to try to bring everyone back and undo the Thanos Click. The first, who tries to reassure Bruce that his efforts can’t be in vain, says this.

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When someone dies, they always die. Death is irreversible, but Tanos isn’t. Those you’ve lost aren’t dead. They were expressed by a will, which means they can be returned. But it’s not cheap.

Within the MCU it is useful. Tanos threw half of all life in the universe at the end of the war of infinity. The Avengers were able to revive this life, the hull of the ship, after collecting all the endless stones. But according to the same logic, Tanos isn’t dead. He was deliberately robbed of his existence, which is quite different. However difficult and incredible it may be, in theory someone else can travel back in time, collect the stones from infinity and find out if Tanos will exist again.

There are important reservations about this theory. First of all, it’s hard to believe anyone would want the Tanos back. Half the creatures in the universe aren’t too happy for him to catch them by the dust, and any other villain bad enough to carry out such a plan will undoubtedly have plans to empower himself. Why’d you drag Tanos into it? But the important thing is that this is a remote scene. It’s been deleted for a reason. Filmmakers Joe Russo and Anthony Russo copied the scene and decided not to interfere. This is of the utmost importance when it comes to theories based solely on this scene.

However, the logic dictated in the scene still seems to be to keep the water within the MCU, as far as we know. Nevertheless, the return of Thanos, if it had not taken place in the past, would in any case have reduced the effect of what was done in the Avengers, which could have happened in the film as Eternal: The game is over. Looks like Tony Stark died for nothing. So the chances of it bearing fruit seem slim. The deleted scene is available on Blu-ray/DVD and Disney+.

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