Episode 5 Release date. Where to stream and Spoilers!

The second seasonal fruit basket is in the air, and we know you’re looking forward to a new episode of the second season. We’ll let you know what the new season of the show is, the release date, the cast, the planned plot and the trailer, and where you can watch the show online for free.

When does Season 2, Episode 5 premiere?

The first of episode 5 is scheduled for the fourth quarter. May 2020 at 13.30 (JST). Please note that the date and time shown is the date of the episode broadcast in Japan.

Place of dispatch:

You can watch the series on a Japanese TV channel if you are in Japan and have access to this channel. You can watch the new episodes on Tokyo TV, Aichi TV and Osaka TV. However, if you are not Japanese and do not have access to these channels, you can only watch the series via premium anime streaming services. English sub versions of the show are available on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

What do you expect from season 2, episode 5?

As we saw in season 2 episode 4, Rin finally appears, and the world of Tohru is in chaos. Hatsuhara met Rina and behaved very badly. After a depressing meeting with her, he went into a rage, but no one knew why he had left.

Kyo was the only person who dared to face him in that state, and as soon as he went after Tohra, Kyo lost it and threw him out. Kyo Sohma

But soon their fight was interrupted. Later in that episode Kio found Rin and went after her. So they take him to Hatsuhara’s room and two of them discuss everything that happened. This prevents Kyo from understanding what Hatsuharu is going through, but it also helps her to learn more about Rin’s current condition.

Eventually Rin came back for the real reason, and is expected to cause even more anger in future episodes. In the midst of all this chaos, Kio will make sure nothing happens to Tohru. Tohru Honda

Despite his mistakes, Hatsuharu will do his best to help Rin. But with all this in mind, Rin seems confused in his pain, and helping him recover will be a difficult path for Hatsuharu.