Healthy breakfast options to increase weight loss

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Published : 13. June 2020 at 9:37:21

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The following foods can be included, mainly for breakfast. (Source: Thinkstock image)

Achieving the ideal weight or reducing the extra centimetres around the waist is everyone’s dream. However, this requires a strong will and a scientific approach. Fat or weight loss is possible if you limit your calorie intake to a level above your body’s needs and if you burn the fat that has accumulated during exercise. The ideal approach to low-calorie consumption is to avoid fatty, fried and high-calorie foods.

The following items can be included in your diet, especially for breakfast:

Chia seed is a very good source of fibre. Two tablespoons of chia seeds give about 11 grams of fibre. They have a nutty texture, which makes them fun to add to various products such as fruit or vegetable salads, juices, buttermilk or soup. You can also flavor the Chiagel and eat with spices or herbs of your choice. E.g. water tulsi, giraffe, ajowan, pudding etc. You can try the gel early in the morning when you wake up or combine it with breakfast. The aim is to reduce the proportion of breakfast and replace it with fibre and protein. But Chia should be taken in moderation, because 2 tablespoons give 9 grams of fat.

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Enjoy Sunday with these easy to make millet crackers. (Photo: Shalini Rajani)

Mixed millet fungi – Due to its high fibre content, millet migrates from the stomach to the small intestine over a long period of time. This causes satiation and reduces food consumption. There are many types of millet such as finger, pearl, millet, Kodo, foxtail, farm grass and small millet. A single grain or a combination of different types of millet makes breakfast very nutritious. Of all St. John’s wort, reggae millet or finger millet is the most popular. It contains tryptophan, an amino acid that acts as an appetite suppressant and is therefore effective for weight loss.

Quinoa – Quinoa is a pseudo-seed or seed-like substance packed in protein and fiber that has a low glycemic index and contributes to weight loss. For more flavour, you can fry it before you eat it. You can make different medicines such as Upma, Pulao, Khichdi etc.

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Oats is a complex, affordable, high fibre carbohydrate that blends well into any formula.

Oats – Oat is a complex, affordable, high fibre carbohydrate that blends well into any formula. Very versatile, it offers many breakfast options if you want to be creative. Avoid the use of pressure cooker (oats that need to be less cooked) because they are more recycled. You can cook oats and add vegetables, dhal, sambar, cottage cheese, vegetable stock or eggs, etc. to make it full and nutritious.

Eggs – Protein is an important and essential nutrient for weight loss, and eggs are known as a rich source of protein. Protein increases metabolism by 15-30% and also ensures saturation. You can also replace your breakfast with two hard proteins that help you stay full longer and reduce your need for food.

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