New Delhi, [India] : An independent music composer, singer, and lyricist Vinayak Bahl, after contributing to the songs for the Indian Bollywood movie “Bedhab” now presents “Morey Saiyaan” in association with the lyricist and music composer Shobhit Agarwal, managed and marketed by Blue Lemon entertainment. The song exclaims, how certain love stories are not intended to get complete, still the hope and longing of meeting your loved one continue in a lover’s journey.

Filmed by Three Way Thoughts, directed by Uday Thakur and featuring Prachi Sharma as a lead, the song released on 12th February 2021, celebrates the festivity of love this Valentine season. The song further encloses the real situation of the lover, when love keeps on pinning that, it keeps a lover’s heart awake and alive; it’s an outcry to the lover expressing the circumstances.

A Pop, Sufi and predominantly soft & classic rock genre lover, born and brought up in Delhi also trained himself in Indian classical music to improve the understanding and better control on his vocals. He was appreciated for his singing skills and vocal texture in his childhood by various learned musicians and professional vocalist which increased the zeal of the singer to learn music. Inspired by bands such as Jal, Raeth, Roxen, Lucky Ali, and other the singer says, “Composing songs and a bit of writing came along when I and Shobhit started jamming on songs  mostly by Pakistani rock bands like Jal, call the band, Roxenand few others for school events and competitions.”

Here’s a Glimpse of the song: