Poland’s joint venture gives nod for original sports thriller content in 3 languages

Mumbai (Maharashtra) India: The XXIV Olympic Winter Games is scheduled to be held in Beijing (China) from 4-20 February 2022. The game is a major international sports event on snow held every four years in different countries.

Galloping close to its heels and to commemorate with the event will be the prime global release of the first-ever international winter sports film of the season, No Means No in Polish, English, and Hindi languages. Besides, it is also the first joint co-production venture of Poland with Indian filmmaker Vikash Verma.

“Beyond their cornerstone role in athletics, the Olympic Games have long been an event of economic and political importance. Hosting the Olympics is a true test for a city’s claim for global recognition. With winter sports too gaining importance, the real feat lies in building and organizing and in making sure the outcome of these few weeks leaves a beneficial legacy, other than just winning the bid,” informs Vikash Verma.

He further adds, “The main protagonist in my film too is a sportsman who goes to Poland to be a part of the skiing championship. Every Olympians not only expect top-notch performances from their minds and bodies but intend to get crucial advantages from the very best equipment for their sports and the weather conditions they’re competing in. Skis, for example, must stand up to near-constant changes in stress during races.”

Through the years, skiing has emerged as a popular adventure sport with India too becoming a great pick for skiing enthusiasts because of the Himalayas; where one has a thrilling and memorable experience. It may also be recalled that our Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi had inaugurated ‘Khelo India Winter Games’, the second edition of J&K (Jammu & Kashmir) sports hub this year on February 26 in Gulmarg.

Vikash Verma, chairman of G7 Securitas Group and G7 Films under which the co-production is being made, is a high-profile personality from Mumbai.  He reveals, “I am an ardent sports lover and this script of mine with skiing as its base has elements of thrill, romance, suspense, and dare-defying actions. It was well received by the respective Polish authorities who finally gave it the nod for our first Indo-Polish venture and the beginning of our new association in the entertainment industry.”

Located in the heart of Europe, Poland is a logistical and cultural country and a home for winter sports. The country has a largely temperate seasonal climate and has the sixth-largest economy with high standards of living, safety, and economic freedom. It has impressive snow-clad mountain ranges, from the Table Mountains to the High Tatras and the Carpathians Forest with budgeted pricing and hospitable people and checks out to ski for a perfect winter like Zakopane, Szczyrk, Karpacz, Bialka Tatrzanska – Koteinica, Szklarska Poreba, Wisla, Ustron and Zywiec

Speaking about the co-international production, he says, “International co-venture modes have an advantage to both its domestic viewers. Sharing resources and knowledge proportion with creative and technical participation makes it more accessible to more than one national market. Co-production helps globalization and cultural diversity. In a business-friendly environment, it helps in promoting tourism too.”

“This film expresses and denotes friendly ties with both the countries. I am thankful to Deputy Prime Minister of Poland Professor Piotr Glinski, who is in charge of the culture ministry, had played a key role in the movie’s making. Other political dignitaries include Mr. Adam Burakowsi, the ambassador of Poland to India, based at the foreign embassy in Delhi, and Mr. Damian Irzyk – Consul General of the Republic of Poland based in Mumbai, also have been a great help to facilitate this dream project. Madam Malgorzata Pepek, Member of Parliament, Poland, chairwoman of the Polish & Indian Parliament is convinced that this film will lead to interesting projects in the future; while Mr. Ajay Bisaria, former Indian Ambassador to Poland (now High Commissioner to Canada) had underlined the cultural connection and friendship between the two countries.  And above all, not to forget about the good wishes of minister Subodh Kant Sahay who represented the Ranchi constituency of Jharkhand and a member of the congress and the then Cabinet Minister for Tourism who saw this joint venture as a milestone in the history of Indian cinema.  This mega movie is now geared up to hit the marque soon after the pandemic subsides by then,” highlights Verma.

A classic theme with sports in films has always been the triumph at the ticket windows. The sports-based film has found space since the era of silent film with Charlie Chaplin’s The Champion. Vikash Verma’s No Means No recalls Bollywoods’ many films featuring charismatic actors from the Kapoors’ scion family Shammi Kapoor and Shashi Kapoor with scenic snow-clad mountains and winter sports. It also has shades of more than three-decade-old Hollywood films like Better Off Dead, Ski Fever, and Hot Dog…The Movie. This upcoming action thriller by debutante producer-director Vikash Verma’s  No Means No, also aims to deepen bilateral relations between India and Poland, just like Raj Kapoor’s 1970 classic movie, Mera Naam Joker, rekindled the bond between India and Soviet Russia.

Embarking on his ambitious debut project Vikash Verma recalls his experiences and challenges he had to face during the entire shooting schedule. “We had faced harsh climatic conditions and it was challenging with both Indian and Poland units of artists and technicians braving it all. We shot more than 80 percent of the film at ethereal places such as snow-clad Polish mountains, nearby ski-sport towns, and especially in the town of Bielsko-Biala (little Vienna) which is now glorified on the road maps.”

The Polish and Indian people are eagerly looking forward to their first International sports thriller, No Means No will optimize exhibition market size for this cinema made in triple languages in both domestic and international business functions.

No Means No will also see the debut of the young-talented-handsome and dynamic action star Dhruv Verma in the lead. Lending him equal support is the patriarch actor Gulshan Grover with Sharad Kapoor, Deepraj Rana, Milind Joshi, Nazia Hussain, and Kat Kristian.  Actors from Poland features Anna Ador, Jersey Handzlik, Anna Guzik, Natalia Bak, Slywia Czech and Pawel Czech.