Sheshank Ranjan – the young & talented trader, mentor, and investor, has been giving away cryptos in huge quantities in a one-of-a-kind giveaway, via Dogecoin bitcoin and Ethereum.

New Delhi [India], April 19 (PNN): A quick look around will let us know how things and industries have been fast-moving up the ladder of success, especially from the last few years. This success is due to not just the constant developments and advancements in these industries, but also majorly because of a few rare gems in the world who are determined enough to change the face of the business game for the better and provide value to people. All those people who have been successful in doing this have earned a special name for them in the vast entrepreneurial world and have gone ahead in astounding people with their passion, extensive knowledge, and their quest to provide unique services to people. Sheshank Ranjan, a 22-year-old stock market talent has been doing the same, managing several hats on his head, as a stock market trader, investor, and also a mentor, all being under 25 years.

Everything began for this IIT Roorkee student amidst the pandemic. Today, he heads Stock Market Advisors and as the CMO and Senior Financial Trainer at Sanbun Investments, managing hedge funds and marketing. His page on Instagram has already reached 100K followers, which is a feat very few young traders of his age have been able to achieve. The page is all about giving values as well as genuine services, relating to stock market investments. What started with just a few followers have now reached 100K followers, thanks to the consistency, confidence, hard work, and resilience of the team. Also, for the execution of the page, two strong pillars need to be appreciated for timely work namely Swati Gupta and Vijit Kumar.

What’s even more interesting about the same is that Sheshank Ranjan has come forward to initiate a one-of-a-kind giveaway in the form of bitcoin, after reaching 100K followers. The giveaway includes cryptos in huge quantity via Dogecoin bitcoin and Ethereum. Sheshank Ranjan says that his page now has the target to further expand its reach and provide guidance to budding traders and entrepreneurs. They also keep discussing the trade mistakes of the aspiring traders and precautions and strategies for consistent growth in the stock markets.

Sheshank Ranjan at 22 years of age has made it huge in the industry and has also been featured in several articles in prominent publications. To find out more, follow him on Instagram @stockmarket_advisors.