September 10: What is it that rules our lives? Why do we feel the way we do, and why do certain unexplainable things happen to us? Celebrity numerology expert Navnedhi Waddhwa will tell you that the answers to these questions are hidden in numbers. How?

“What most people don’t know is that our date of birth is the most important number in our life. You must be mindful of the number and what energy the number holds,” according to Navnedhi. So, for example, if your birthdate is on the 15th, it means you have been born with the number 6. It will have a unique energy and carry specific experiences in your life, which is true for each number.

To understand this better, let us take the example of the celebrity we recently lost, the highly talented actor, Sidharth Shukla. Navnedhi shares her insight on this, “Sidharth’s birth date was 12/12/1980, so he had the effect of the numbers 3 and 6, in his life. The numbers 3 and 6 carry negative energy. They are the ‘anti’ numbers. In Hindi, the number 36 is causally referred to represent clashes and animosity among people. But there is a grain of truth in that. Whoever has these numbers in their life has to be extremely careful with looking after their health and the relationships in their life.”

She further observed that the ambulance that carried him also had the number 3 on it. Not just that. His last rites took place on 3rd September. “Numbers always influence us, from the day we are born till we die,” said the renowned numerology expert. Sidharth Shukla was a spiritually awakened and incredible human being. According to sources, he had been experiencing discomfort since a few days before he passed away. Navnedhi says, “He must have been sensing divine cosmic messages from the Universe. He was a very good soul. Despite the challenges, Sidharth was full of compassion. In the 40 years of his life, he made so many brilliant achievements, he made his family proud, and he took care of them.”

Indeed, the actor lived an inspiring life. His untimely demise was most shocking and saddening. He will be fondly remembered for his kindness and compassion towards all and even the stray dogs he regularly fed. Navnedhi shares the same compassion towards stray dogs and feeds them daily without fail.

Now, coming back to the question of numbers, do we always have to live under the influence of numbers’ power over our lives? Is there nothing we can do about it? Navnedhi says that while it is true that numbers exert a powerful influence, yet it is possible to deal with the effects. And more than anything, awareness is essential.

Navnedhi shares her expert tips in the form of five-step remedies, which especially help with the presence of number 36. “When your life is tied with these combinations of ‘anti-numbers’, it is crucial to empower the numbers 1 and 5 in your life. You can do that by changing the spelling of your name, using a different phone number, and wearing a bracelet. Additionally, all this is to be done along with Vedic remedies and lifestyle changes.” She also shed more light on the way these remedies work.

“Remedies cannot change your fate,” she says, “but they can certainly equip you to live a better, healthier and happier life. This way, you are stronger and can endure challenges and work towards overcoming them.” Navnedhi Waddhwa is a well-renowned celebrity Numerologist and Graphologist, Vastu Consultant, and Energy Healer. Through her expertise in NLP, meditation and manifestation techniques, she has helped people across the globe to access the power of their unconscious, make conscious choices and manifest the most significant achievements of their lives.

Her’s is a story of sheer grit and courage. She struggled through many challenges, including body-shaming, clinical depression, language difficulties and major health issues. She also struggled with borderline dyslexia. But she worked on herself tirelessly, overcame all the hurdles and emerged a phenomenal success.

On her path to self-realization, Navnedhi has won several accolades and made exemplary achievements in her field of work. In 2019, she was crowned Mrs. Universe Asia Queen 2019. She received the Times Power Woman award and is among the forty most influential women. Last year, she was featured in Forbes in an article that elucidated her journey of transformation. Radio City 91.1 FM honoured her with the Mumbai City Icon award. Moreover, she is the recipient of INDIA TODAY Excellence in Healthcare award for her work. That is not all. Last year, she received the Lokmat Lifestyle Award, 2020, for fortune-telling and her work as a meditation guru. This year she was named the Femina Power Brand, 2021.