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New Delhi (India), December 27: The year 2021 has all set to bid us good-bye leaving behind some bitter memories, but the pandemic has increased the primacy of healthcare significantly. In line with digital transformation in the wake of Covid, healthcare awareness, counselling and consultation have also gone digital. But unfortunately, the unfolding of the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated how the spread of misinformation, amplified on social media and other digital platforms, is proving to be as much a threat to global public health as the virus itself. However, technology advancements and social media create opportunities to keep people safe, informed and connected. But at the same time, these tools also enable and amplify the current INFODEMIC that continues to undermine the global response and jeopardizes measures to control the pandemic.

A study published in the reputed journal MDPI by Researchers from Dhaka University on ‘Fake News’, came up with very interesting facts like:

  • The seven themes of fake news are health, religiopolitical, political, crime,
    Entertainment, religious, and miscellaneous. Health-related fake news (67.2%) is on the top of the list that includes medicine, medical and healthcare facilities, viral infection, and doctor-patient issues.
  • Second, the seven types of fake news contents are text, photo, audio, video, text and photo, text and video, and text and photo and video. More fake news takes the form of text and video(47.2%).
  • Third, online media produces more fake news (94.4%) than mainstream media (5.6%). More interestingly, four social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube, produce most of fake news.
  • Fourth, relatively more fake news has international connections (54.4%) as
    the COVID-19 pandemic is a global phenomenon.
  • Fifth, most of the COVID-19-related fake news is negative (63.2%), which could be a real threat to public health.


‘Health4All Online’ Show

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To provide a 100% credible platform for better health consciousness and awareness about health and wellness to the people digitally, and to address the pandemic associated health challenges by including India’s topmost Medical, Public Health & Wellness Experts, HEAL Foundation’s ‘Health4All Online’ weekly health show sponsored by Mylan Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. – A Viatris Company has gained audiences’ traction with half a million video views in just 10 weekly episodes since its launch in November 2021.

It is a one-of-its-kind weekly health show held every Sunday that has completed its informative, insightful and educative 10 episodes. And the awareness drive will be furthered in 2022 as well. During 10 episodes of the show, experts from across various spectra such as public health experts, specialists, experts and officials from government bodies have participated and educated the masses.

Dr Prof Joe Thomas, Professor of Public Health, and the National Course Convenor at the Institute of Health & Management in Rosanna, Victoria, Australia, said, “Omicron has the propensity to infect children. Indian government should increase the healthcare budget initially by 5 per cent and gradually increase it up to 15 per cent. Lockdown is not wise as it incurs an economic burden. It is prudent to follow vaccinations and other preventive measures strictly. As the schools in India have started opening, Indian children may not be infected but could be the carrier of the virus.”

“We work for healthcare improvements through various programmes to bring health impacts in society. Last year, we started COVID Fighters Public Health Safety Movement since the outbreak of COVID in India to bring education and awareness to the masses, which has completed its 500 days and ceaselessly going on. Over 200 healthcare experts have participated who are credible sources for health information,” said Dr Swadeep Srivastava, Founder HEAL Foundation & HEAL Health.

Dr Srivastava informed, “The show is also live on our following social media channels. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rSspzkrWBA8


Dr Nimesh Gupta, Chief, Vaccine Immunology Laboratory, National Institute of Immunology, Dept. of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India, said, “Booster vaccines enhance the quality of immunity. Persons invulnerable might fight Omicron with the current vaccines, but the elderly with compromised immunity won’t be able to combat the infection. Intranasal vaccines will be helpful to protect people from infection.”

Dr Anil Goyal, Honorary Finance Secretary, Indian Medical Association (Hqrs.), said, “Booster dose must be given to the frontline healthcare workforce. A booster dose is important for the susceptible population and healthcare workers. The frontline healthcare responders are exposed to various types of infection; hence booster dose is essential for them. The IMA has concluded a booster dose for the healthcare workers after consultation with several epidemiologists and virologists. In the new year, don’t forget to wear a mask and maintain social distancing to keep yourself protected from the infection.”

Dr Sanjai Kumar Rai, Professor, Dept. of Community Medicine, AIIMS, New Delhi, President, IPHA said, “Vaccines bypass natural immunity. However, there might not be any severity if Omicron infection happens. The efficacy of existing vaccines is not as effective as it was against the virus that originated from Wuhan. Moreover, natural infection provides long-term protection against the virus. It is better to move towards normalcy with due precaution and care in the new year 2022, but no need to fear.”

Ref.:- https://www.mdpi.com/2673-5172/2/1/7/htm