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April 26: According to new research by Cambridge University, scientists have been able to reverse the effects of biological ageing on the skin or the skin age of a 54-year-old woman to 30 years old. They’ve called it ‘time jump’—a technological process that takes 50 days to finish and can reverse signs of ageing.

So, are we finally heading towards attaining eternal youth? The latest trend in the scientific and beauty industries is no longer about stopping ageing or anti-ageing, like with an anti-ageing cream; instead, it’s all about reverse ageing. Even in India, Bangalore-based startup Zaivic tech-wellness solutions is launching a skincare line which is focusing on reversing ageing rather than anti-ageing. They have named their brand of reverse-ageing solutions Amé Organic – a brand of natural skincare products.

According to founder Nandita Sharma, this line of skincare will revolutionise the anti-ageing skincare industry. She explains: “All Amé products are organic, 100% natural, and free from synthetic and chemical additives. Their formulations are a combination of natural oils, essential oils, and waxes, which have been time-tested beauty secrets carried forward through multiple ancient civilisations.”

These unique combinations have the power, much more than just an anti-ageing cream, to reactivate the cell regeneration process by working with the sensory inputs and calming the ‘stress/emotions and feeling’ related hormones leading to a natural glowing skin.

Ame Organic has recently launched two products: An age-defying day serum, and a cell renewal serum. When used together, they balance the skin’s oil and moisture ratio and rebuild the skin’s acid-mantle (the skin’s outermost protective layer) bringing it back to the younger biological age and enhancing the skin regeneration. The brand claims that Amé’s serum doesn’t just work on your body and helps to have a calm mind, but it also helps to change the energy and vibrations of your body. This is a first-of-its-kind product where the manufacturing process involves energy charging.

All these new technologies are giving us hope that maybe eternal youth is possible and that the elixir of life can be created by striking the perfect balance between neurobiology and neurochemistry. This can help us put our skin metabolism in reverse gear and have a natural glowing skin for years. More and more scientists have now attested that we can reverse our body’s biological age and heal multiple lifestyle disorders simply by rearranging our lifestyle. For example, by changing the way we eat, getting more sound and deeper sleep, and having a positive outlook on life, we can arrest the process of ageing and prevent diseases and conditions.

These findings give us hope that good times are up ahead, and we are heading towards a period where humans will live much longer. Ageing, or biological ageing will be more about experience and awareness rather than physical weakness, diseases, and a breakdown of the skin and body.

The word Amé’ means blemish-free (without any impurity) in Sanskrit, ‘Love’ in Spanish, ‘Soul’ in French, ‘Rain’ in Japanese, and ‘Mother’ in Arabic.

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