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Gurugram (Haryana) [India], May 30: Safe-O-Kid, one of India’s fastest-growing baby products brand focused 100% on bringing the safest products to market for children up to 12 years of age, has launched unique and highly researched BabySafetyKits to steer kids away from potential dangers at home. The Baby Safety Kits come in 4 variants: Essential, Standard, Advanced, and Premium. Each includes products that zero down on potential risks to keep your children safe at home.

Safe-O-Kid has identified 15 life-threatening risk areas for children, including burns, falls, cuts, poisoning, and electrocution, among others. Keeping note of the above risks, the company has developed products such as Bed Rails, Safety Gates, Convertible Feeding Highchairs, Safety Locks, Electric Plug Covers, Corner Edge Guards, Gas Knob Covers, and many more.

The Baby Safety Kit ensures children’s safety from finger injuries and unintentional lock-ups by locking cupboards, doors, and drawers. In addition, the kits are designed to protect children from electric shocks, burns and getting hurt by sharp corners and edges.

The 24-piece essential Baby Safety Kit contains Locks, Corner Guards, Finger Safety guards, and Socket Covers and is suitable for small houses. The 40-piece Standard Baby Safety Kit includes Locks, Corner Guards, Finger Pinch, Socket Covers, and Knee Pads and is ideal for small to mid-sized houses.

The 58-piece Advanced Baby Safety Kit contains Locks, Corner Guards, Finger Pinch, Socket Covers, Knee Pad, and Fruit Nibbler and is suitable for mid-large sized houses. The 73-piece Premium Baby Safety Kit contains Locks, Corner Guards, Finger Pinch, Socket Covers, Knee Pad, Fruit Nibbler, and Silicone Tip Spoon and is suitable for large-sized houses.

Safe-O-Kid’s Baby Safety Kits are the only complete and well-researched Baby Safety kit made with the safety of young ones in mind. They are created with purpose, design, material, value, ease of assembly, and usage. Despite the fact that parents can use the safety products in the kits from birth to prevent accidents when walking with their children in their arms, after six months, they are an absolute necessity as the babies begin to crawl and walk. As the kits are available in various size and price ranges, every parent may discover something that meets their needs and safeguard their young ones. Safe-O-Kid’s Safety Kit can be a thoughtful gift to give at a baby shower or any other time before a kid turns two, as it demonstrates kids’ care, safety, and well-being.

To ‘Safeguard Your Children’or to ‘Gift Safety, ‘the Baby Safety Kits are readily available on Safe-O-Kid’s website and on leading E-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and more.

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About Safe-O-Kid:

Safe-O-Kid is one of India’s fastest-growing baby product brands that offer a range of baby safety, baby care, and other safe baby products. As a highly innovative and quality-driven brand, it is continuously taking steps to ensure that children across India remain safe, whether at home or outside. Working tirelessly through the pandemic, the baby safety brand has managed to touch the lives of numerous parents through its unmatched, top-notch, safe baby products.

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