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Huliot Pipes, a leading manufacturer of Green Pipes, has been focusing on the B2B market for the past eight years.

Vadodara, July 12: Miki Kedem, CEO of Huliot Pipes, has announced the company’s new strategy for 2022 of entering the retail market with 2500 stores across 20 states. A new team has been hired with the task of appointing a new dealership network. A wide range of over 70 products will be available at multi-brand retail stores.

For the Indian market, they have curated a customised product range, namely, SMARTLOCK – locking systems for the drainage market, ZENWELD – the Ultimate Induction Technology for the piping market, as well as the REDFIRE PPR pipes. These are easy to install at extreme angles and even have no corrosion and choking in the pipes!

Moreover, in partnership with IPSC – Indian Plumbing Skill Council, Huliot will train the plumbers on how to utilise these advanced piping systems. They have announced a training program for plumbers across India. Huliot India will help them get better jobs with more pay.

The company, which has its manufacturing plant in Vadodara, will soon export pipes and drainage systems to UAE and SAARC.

Huliot Group is a leader in the design and manufacture of advanced flow systems for commercial and residential buildings. The company offers a broadly comprehensive portfolio of sanitary system solutions that address the full lifecycle of water flow – from the water supply to wastewater and infrastructure.

With patented technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, Huliot Group offers innovative products that are available in each of the standard size and diameter options and which deliver the highest standards of quality and reliability.

The group is headquartered in Israel and, with its five global manufacturing and commercial subsidiaries, serves an extensive customer base that spans over 30 countries worldwide.

With a robust legacy of over 70 years in piping domain expertise, Huliot Group brings a profound commitment to always delivering service excellence and customer satisfaction. The Indian operation started in 2014 in Baroda under the leadership of Miki Kedem – CEO India of Huliot Pipes and Fittings Pvt. Ltd. The product portfolio in India has Polypropylene pipes for Drainage – HT Pro and UltraSilent, PERT – AL– PERT and PPR Green pipes for Water Supply, RED FIRE PPR for fire and ClearBlack STP for sewage treatment.

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