Ayan SK Insta Awards 2022 organised in Mumbai

Read Time:1 Minute, 42 Second December 06: Ayan SK Insta Awards in honor of popular creators of Instagram was organized at Woodstock Acres Villa Resort near Mumbai. This award show was organized for the third time under the direction of the organizer Ayan Sheikh, on this occasion many big stars […]

BestDoc Concierge bags Innov8 Talks Startup Competition prize at Global Health 2022 in KSA

Read Time:2 Minute, 49 Second Afsal Salu- Cofounder of BestDoc  New Delhi (India), December 6: Bestdoc – an end-to-end Patient Experience and Engagement solutions provider, deployed in over 250 Hospitals and Clinics across India and the Middle East has bagged the Innov8 Talks Startup competition. BD Concierge, the flagship product of BestDoc […]

“ભગવાન બચાવે” ફિલ્મના…?

Read Time:1 Minute, 50 Second અમદાવાદઃ તાજેતરમાં જ રિલીઝ થયેલી ફિલ્મ “ભગવાન બચાવે”ના મુખ્ય કલાકારો જીનલ બેલાણી અને ભૌમિક સંપત નગરદેવી માઁ ભદ્રકાળી મંદિરે દર્શને પહોંચ્યા હતા, જ્યાં બન્ને કલાકારોએ માઁ ભદ્રકાળીના ચરણોમાં શીશ ઝૂકાવી આશીર્વાદ મેળવી ધન્યતા અનુભવી હતી. “ભગવાન બચાવે” ફિલ્મ હળવી કૉમેડી સાથે ખૂબ જ મહત્વનો સામાજિક […]

Chaitali Das, Jute Revivalist , Social Entrepreneur, took the centre stage in World Economic Forum, Headquarter in Geneva

Read Time:2 Minute, 17 Second World Economic Forum, Headquarters in Geneva followed by ‘India Business Week 2022’ in Zurich hosted by the Ambassador of India in Switzerland.  EPLFL Public Research University, Innovation Park, the innovation ecosystem of Western Switzerland, Lausanne.  The University of Applied Science and Arts  Northwestern  School of […]

Diving deep into Wireless communication technology

Read Time:4 Minute, 8 Second Ahmedabad, December 06: With increasing digitalization, the one common demand of anyone whether you’re a food truck owner or a doctor using telemedicine is faster internet connectivity. From extremely slow speeds in 2G to the recent lightning speed in 5G, wireless communication technology has seen an […]

Framed Media Commences its Offline Journey with On-site Office at D21 Corporate Park, Dwarka

Read Time:3 Minute, 8 Second Kolkata, West Bengal India, December 6: Delhi-NCR-based digital agency Framed Media has been delivering valuable information across multiple segments of finance as well as technical troubleshooting for the past seven years. They had been operating on a work-from-home model since its inception. The company has made some decent […]

Why Integrate Your E-Commerce With Logistics Software?

Read Time:2 Minute, 45 Second December 6: Meet your business objectives and find out why integrating your e-commerce with logistics software is important. The Answer is: Envia Shipping Let’s start by talking a little about e-logistics (e-commerce logistics) as a result of this new management focused on e-commerces we can refer […]