The unified theory of knowledge – Kiran S Pillai

New Delhi (India), July 26: What if there is a point in knowledge where the difference between Science, Art, and Philosophy disappears? Once you reach that point of knowledge in your journey of enquiry, you start to access an area from where you can practically understand and deal with any branch […]

Untying minds, driving change together

New Delhi (India), July 26: We are overjoyed to announce that the Academia-Industry Conclave, organized in collaboration with Dialogue India and Business Connect, took place at the prestigious PHD Chamber in Hauz Khas, New Delhi, on 8th July 2023. The gathering witnessed an unprecedented turnout of esteemed dignitaries representing the […]

Trailblazing Social Activist Inspires Youth at ‘YUVA PRERNA’ Event

New Delhi (India), July 26: The active pursuit of Social Activism involves reforming institutions, behaviors, relationships, and societal norms. The primary objective of social activists is to bring about change by influencing political policies, establishing novel institutions or organizations, and inspiring individuals to modify their actions directly. These dedicated individuals work […]