New Delhi (India), July 31: With great pride, LG inaugurates the highly-anticipated launch of the All-New AI Direct Drive™ Washing Machine, featuring an innovative in Built Heater & Steam technology. The grand event takes place at various Reliance Digital stores, where customers eagerly await the product’s unveiling in the presence of Mr. Amit Yadav, RBH LG Electronics, Mr. AnirudhDeshmukh, Branch Manager LG Electronics, and Mr. Abhay Gupta, Reliance Digital. This cutting-edge washing machine is set to transform the way we approach laundry care.

The AI Direct Drive™ Washing Machine elevates laundry care to a whole new level, boasting intelligent features that optimize water waves automatically based on load weight and fabric type. The result is a gentle treatment for delicate fabrics and the perfect amount of water for thorough cleaning in heavy loads. Expect cleaner clothes with enhanced fabric protection and unrivaled convenience.

Outstanding Performance with 6 Motion Direct Drive

Renowned for their performance, LG washers reach new heights with the AI Direct Drive™ Washing Machine. Featuring 6 Motion Direct Drive, this machine emulates the motions of hand-washing, ensuring a superior wash for your clothes. Whether it’s gentle tumbling or powerful scrubbing, the washing machine intelligently selects the best combination of motions, providing an exceptional wash while preserving your clothes’ quality.

“I am thoroughly impressed with LG’s AI Washing Machine and its innovative 6 Motion Direct Drive technology. It’s like giving my clothes a personalized hand-wash experience every time.” – A Laundry Enthusiast

Powerful Washing with Time Saving

Laundry tasks no longer have to be time-consuming, thanks to LG’s TurboWash technology. TurboWash significantly reduces washing times while delivering deep cleaning and fresh laundry. Now, you can spend less time on laundry and focus on the things that truly matter to you.

In-Built Heater & Steam – Banishing Stains, Allergens, and Bacteria

The AI Direct Drive™ Washing Machine’s In-Built Heater & Steam feature is a game-changer in combating tough stains, allergens, and bacteria. Steam proves highly effective in breaking down and removing stubborn stains, ensuring spotless and hygienic clothes. With this technology, wear your favorite clothes with confidence, knowing even stubborn stains and allergens are taken care of.

Jet Spray+ Hands-Free Wash

LG brings true convenience with the fully-automatic Jet Spray+ Hands-Free Wash. Say goodbye to traditional manual washing. Jet Spray+ harnesses the power of a strong water spray to wash off dirt and excess detergent, providing the best wash without the need for manual intervention. This not only saves time but also keeps your hands healthy and beautiful.

The AI technology in this washing machine is truly impressive. It optimizes water usage based on the load, ensuring efficient cleaning while being gentle on delicate fabrics. Moreover, the AI takes care of selecting the right wash cycle for different types of clothes, eliminating the guesswork and providing the best results every time.” – A Working Professional

Bigger Capacity with Smooth Operation

Understanding the needs of modern households, LG designed the AI Direct Drive™ Washing Machine with a bigger capacity, enabling more laundry in a single load. This reduces the number of cycles, saving water and energy. Additionally, the washing machine’s smooth operation, coupled with reduced vibration and higher spin speed, ensures a quiet and efficient laundry experience.

A Powerful Yet Gentle Way to Scrub

The AI Direct Drive™ Washing Machine’s TurboDrum™ technology provides a powerful yet gentle way to scrub clothes. The Tub &Pulsator rotate independently, creating strong water currents that circulate the laundry left and right, resulting in a thorough and effective scrubbing effect. Your clothes receive the care they deserve without compromising on cleaning power.

“No more worrying about forgetting to start the laundry; I can simply use my smartphone to start a wash cycle, and it will be ready when I get home. It’s an absolute time-saver.” – A Housewife

The All New AI Direct Drive™ Washing Machine with Built Heater & Steam from LG is a ground-breaking appliance that harmonizes innovation, convenience, and performance. With intelligent care, powerful washing, hands-free features, and more, doing laundry will no longer be a chore. Embrace the future of laundry with LG’s AI Direct Drive™ Washing Machine and experience a new level of cleanliness and freshness for your clothes.

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