Divisa Herbals Pvt. Ltd. Celebrates Friendship Day with Sachi Saheli, Emphasizing the Essence of True Friendship

New Delhi (India), August 7: Divisa Herbals Pvt. Ltd. celebrated Friendship Day with great fervor and enthusiasm in Chandigarh, showcasing the true essence of friendship and love. The event was graciously organised in collaboration with ‘Sachi Saheli’, the company’s flagship Ayurvedic product. Friendship, an unbreakable bond that surpasses even our […]

Techknowgreen Solutions Limited (TSL) announces filing of the Draft Prospectus with SME platform of BSE for its Initial Public Offering

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], August 7: Techknowgreen Solutions Limited (TSL), an environmental compliance and consulting company headquartered in Pune, has filed the Draft Prospectus with the SME Platform of BSE Limited (BSE SME). This event marks a significant step in the company’s journey as it seeks to raise capital to accelerate its […]

How Dietitian Silky Mahajan’s Foods & Nutrition Clinic is changing the fitness landscape in Bangalore

New Delhi (India), August 7: Silky Mahajan, a distinguished dietitian and celebrity nutritionist with over 15 years of experience has been making waves in the health and wellness industry through her Foods & Nutrition Clinic in Bangalore.  With an unwavering commitment to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals through personalized nutrition […]

Coming Soon: Gautam Gulati and Soni Dhawan to Set the Stage Ablaze with ‘UpperBack’ – A “Be happy music” and Prince Movie Creations Production!

Gautam Gulati and Soni Dhawan to Set the Stage Ablaze with ‘UpperBack’ – A “Be happy music” and Prince Movie Creations Production Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], August 7: In an exciting development, the renowned music label, Be Happy Music is all set to present a scintillating new Punjabi song titled ‘UpperBack.’ This […]

Meet the 10 Dynamic MSME Enterprises Transforming Industries Driving Progress in 2023

New Delhi (India), August 7: In the transformative year of 2023, meet 10 dynamic MSME enterprises that are revolutionizing industries and driving progress with their innovative offerings and unwavering commitment to excellence. From reshaping corporate transportation to pioneering advancements in digital marketing and strategic consulting, these visionary MSMEs are leaving […]

Hindustan Chamber Of Commerce to Organise 5TH Edition of “ASIATEX – 2023” Textile Trade Fair from 31ST August TO 2ND September, 2023 at Mumbai

Shikharchand Jain, President – Hindustan Chamber of Commerce Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], August 7: Hindustan Chamber of Commerce will organise “ASIATEX 2023” Textile Trade Fair during 31st August to 2nd September 2023 at JIO World Convention Centre, BKC, Mumbai. This will be 5th Edition of the B2B Fair. Shikharchand Jain, President […]

USI in collaboration with CSC-e-Governance and PCTI to facilitate the military heritage tourism

New Delhi (India), August 7: The United Services Institution of India (USI), the country’s oldest and prestigious National Security and Defence Services think tank, in collaboration with CSC-e-Governance and PCTI, will facilitate the exploration, development, and provision of guided tours for military heritage tourism in the country. The initiative will […]