Located at the Fashion Avenue in Dubai Mall, Manish Malhotra globalises Indian fashion with the opening of his first global flagship store marking a proud moment for Indian Couture.

Dubai (UAE), December 14: In a remarkable stride towards India’s evolving fashion landscape, celebrated Indian haute couture icon Manish Malhotra inaugurates his flagship store at the prestigious Fashion Avenue of the Dubai Mall on December 10, 2023, marking a momentous day for Indian fashion.  Notably, Manish Malhotra has earned the distinction of being the first Indian designer to secure a coveted spot at the luxury Fashion Avenue in Dubai Mall, a testament to his international acclaim.

Positioned as the thriving epicenter of fashion in the Middle East, Dubai Mall stands as the quintessential hub for discerning fashion and luxury lifestyle enthusiasts. In this dynamic landscape, Manish Malhotra’s entry into the esteemed Fashion Avenue not only heralds a new era of opulence but also serves as a symbolic bridge, seamlessly connecting the rich tapestry of Indian haute couture with the Middle Eastern penchant for lavishness.

The exquisite 5000 square feet ivory clad palatial store unfolds “The India Story”. Every corner of the store represents the essence of India. From the timeless Chikankari of Mijwan, the artisanal threads of Kashmir, the fine craftsmanship of Zardosi  and his signatory sequins  from the artisans across the country in addition to bringing his High Jewellery line, together amalgamates  “The India Story” in his signature glamorous style. 

The opulent store adorns its’ interiors with bespoke crests inspired by India’s 17th century  art decor, regal chandeliers and walls with infinite fluting with his signature designs in addition to having the brand’s logo encrusted on luxuriant furniture, creating a captivating sanctuary of exquisite craftsmanship, celebrating the brand’s identity. This manifestation of the evolving India serves as a modern lavish palace, harmoniously blending different crafts and presenting a seamless fusion of tradition and contemporary elegance. 

In crafting the store’s design, every intricate detail bears the imprint of Manish Malhotra’s meticulous touch. From the extravagant Chandeliers to the thoughtful curation of handmade artwork from India, each element is a testament to his attention to detail. His affection for mirrors, evident throughout the store, becomes a captivating signature. In the VIP room, every corner is adorned with a signature touch, featuring handmade curtains that pay homage to the skilled artisans of Mijwan and Kashmir. The store also holds a private High Jewellery Room unveiling his latest venture with Diamonds, Emeralds, and Rubies, exhibiting a unique fusion of luxury and craftsmanship. Manish Malhotra, with an unwavering commitment, ensures that every facet of the store echoes not only his signature style but also pays homage to India’s rich cultural influences and skilled artisans who bring his vision to life. 

The store is more than just a physical space. It is an experience, a journey through the intricacies of India’s cultural tapestry. With every creation, you are transported to a world where tradition meets modernity, where old techniques find new expressions, and where the soul of India dances in harmony with global trends.

This inaugural flagship store marks a stride for Indian fashion towards a global presence, heralding the expansion of Manish Malhotra’s exquisite brand beyond regional boundaries. With the world as their canvas, this momentous step signifies the brands’ journey westwards, promising to bring the allure of Indian haute couture to a global audience. 

Reflecting on this special occasion, Manish Malhotra shared, “I feel emotional for it has always been my cherished dream to bring the rich artistry of Indian designs, exquisite embroideries, and craftsmanship to a global platform. Representing the Modern day India, that is also deeply rooted in tradition, culture, and luxurious heritage but constantly evolving. It is an absolute pleasure to witness Indian fashion take its rightful place on the world stage and being celebrated, at the fashion avenue in Dubai Mall. This store reflects my warm house, where every person who walks in is embraced by Indian culture and hospitality. 

Like my home, my store is also decorated with the presence of fresh flowers, especially the vibrant fragrance of jasmine enveloped by warm lighting that sets the perfect ambiance. The entire space is adorned in white exuding a sense of serenity where you are serenaded by the enchanting music from all my fashion shows and just like how I like to welcome guests into my home with a cup of aromatic Indian tea, I want to offer the same warmth to every patron, making them feel like they’re a part of my extended family.”

The exquisite store was meticulously crafted by the talented Gauri Khan, who collaborated closely with Manish Malhotra to materialize his grand vision for his inaugural global store. The ivory palatial space perfectly captures their shared passion for luxury and sophistication, offering customers a captivating experience immersed in opulence and unmatched style.“I really enjoy the process of designing with Manish as we follow similar design sensibilities. It’s a fusion of opulence and grace, a tribute to the enchanting beauty that unites cultures across borders.”, said Gauri Khan. 

Gauri Khan Designs is a true testament to elegance and creativity. Led by the renowned celebrity interior designer Gauri Khan, this design firm is known for its exquisite and luxurious creations. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for aesthetics, Gauri Khan has transformed numerous spaces into stunning works of art.  Gauri Khan Designs has left an indelible mark on the world of interior design. Each project is meticulously crafted, showcasing a perfect blend of contemporary and timeless elements. With a penchant for incorporating unique textures, patterns, and colors, Gauri Khan Designs brings life and character to every space they touch. Whether it’s a private residence or a commercial establishment, Gauri Khan’s signature style shines through, making each project a masterpiece in its own right.

The project was led by North 51 Consulting responsible for Project Management, Commercial Management and Construction Management. Partnering with Havelock One Interiors, North 51 played a pivotal role in delivering a space that truly encapsulates Manish Malhotra’s distinctive style. Managing design teams from India and the Havelock One Interiors based in the UAE showcased North 51’s commitment  and capability in bridging the gap between the UAE and India on an international platform.

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