New Delhi (India), December 16: In an industry where celebrity endorsements often steal the spotlight, Orientbell Tiles is breaking free from tradition with its latest campaign, challenging the norm that equates star power with product worth. Titled “100% Tiles and 0% Celebs,” this groundbreaking initiative is not just about tiles; it’s a reflection on the very essence of authenticity in advertising.

In a world saturated with A-listers vouching for various products, Orientbell Tiles envisions a shift where the craftsmanship, innovation, and quality of a product take center stage. The campaign is a bold statement, asserting that the brand will stand proudly on its own merit, without relying on celebrity endorsements or marketing gimmicks.

Alok Agarwal, Chief Marketing Officer at Orientbell Tiles, articulates the campaign’s core message: “No celebrity endorsements, no shallow marketing gimmicks. Orientbell Tiles will stand proudly on its own merit, making shopping for floor and wall tiles easier. This campaign transcends our brand; it’s a broader conversation – the choice between superficial glam and authentic substance.”

The decision to embark on this unconventional journey is backed by consumer sentiment. A recent survey by Orientbell Tiles revealed that only 25% of consumers believe that most celebrities use the products they endorse. Surprisingly, over 50% expressed a desire to hold celebrities accountable for the claims they endorse. This insight prompted Orientbell Tiles to invite consumers to question the authenticity behind countless celebrity endorsements.

The “100% Tiles and 0% Celebs” campaign is not just a rebellion against the status quo but an invitation to engage in a broader conversation about the criteria that define excellence and customer delight. The visuals and messaging are meticulously crafted to provoke thought, inspiring consumers to make choices based on the essence of a brand rather than the celebrity attached to it.

As the campaign unfolds across diverse media channels, Orientbell Tiles aims to captivate hearts and minds by sparking a dialogue on authenticity in advertising. The campaign’s video, available here, invites everyone to be part of this paradigm shift towards a new era in advertising – one that prioritizes substance over stars. Join Orientbell Tiles in challenging norms and encouraging consumers to look beyond the glitz and discover the genuine substance that shapes their brand.

In a world saturated with celebrity endorsements, Orientbell Tiles is pioneering a new era in advertising, placing authenticity and substance at the forefront of consumer choices.

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