Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], December 28: YO Bykes, India’s leading fuel-agnostic mobility solutions provider, creates a new high-speed “YO TRUST” Drift Hx model for market access with the first-ever high-speed vehicle in Ahmedabad. Once again, it is launched in the presence of the MD and CEO of Yo Bykes. Their pioneering concept aims to revolutionize the electric 2-wheeler industry by addressing key concerns to reduce carbon footprint in our country: Reaffirming YO Bykes and customer benefit and contribution to building the nation.

YO BYKE’S vision and mission is to contribute to reducing the import bills of India in terms of crude oil. The MD saw the same vision in 2006, first in India, that the future will be electric mobility.

CEO of YO BYKES, Mr. Pradeep Kawdiya, said that now YO Bykes is going to take the initiative to open outlets in every corner of the country so that products can reach all the customers of Bharat.

Mr. Kawdiya said that soon, their company will introduce a new product range of low-speed and high-speed electric vehicles in the next financial year to strengthen the product range of electric vehicles and increase vehicle sales. He also added to provide our customers with the highest speed and mileage electric vehicles by adopting new technology so that Yo Bykes products can attract customers of all age groups. He also included providing safety instruments, measures, and hassle-free driving experience through the technology.

For customer safety, Yo Bykes decided to deliver Yo Bykes vehicles along with helmets and keychains with inbuilt torches to the customers.