New Delhi (India), January 16: Two years ago, Dietitian Amandeep Soni embarked on a mission to empower people to achieve optimal health through personalised nutrition. This journey led to the creation of Singh Nutri Diet Diet (@singhnutridiet.official), a thriving community of over 500+ clients spread across 13 cities and 7+ countries.

Journey towards being the best Dietitian in Delhi/NCR & across India, Amandeep Soni, Founder of Singh Nutri Diet, has been catering to many success stories through his expertise in creating healthy and balanced diets.

Science-backed Approach

Dietitian Amandeep Soni (@dietitianamandeep.official), an MSc in Sports and Exercise Nutrition, ACE-certified and Certified Diabetes Educator, believes in nourishing both body and mind. His philosophy is to embrace a healthy relationship with food and cultivate a thriving physique.

“Health isn’t a finish line; it’s a sustainable transformation journey,” emphasises Amandeep Soni. “We empower you to make conscious food choices and achieve your goals without restrictive fad diets.”

With over ten years of experience as a dietitian, Amandeep Soni has helped individuals overcome weight management challenges, manage diabetes, and embrace healthy lifestyles. His work with many brands exemplifies his commitment to promoting practical health knowledge and motivating people to make conscious food choices.

Singh Nutri Diet caters to a wide range of goals, including:

  • Weight loss and management
  • Diabetes management and healthy heart support
  • PCOD management and skin & hair health
  • Therapeutics diets and sports nutrition
  • Kids’ nutrition and daily essentials supplementation counselling

Personalised Nutrition for Everyone

Singh Nutri Diet Diet offers a comprehensive approach to health and well-being through:

  • Detailed Consultations: Singh Nutri Diet delves into the root cause of its clients’ concerns, crafting a personalised diet plan curated to their unique body composition, preferences, and lifestyle.
  • Holistic Support: Singh Nutri Diet Diet provides BCA (Body Composition Analysis) for deeper insights to its clients, along with expert guidance on topics like sports nutrition, daily essentials supplementation, and therapeutic diets.
  • Expert Team: A team of highly qualified nutritionists at Singh Nutri Diet, constantly involved in research and development, ensures that the clients receive the latest advancements and personalised support.
  • Real-time Analysis: A personalised dashboard is there for all the clients to keep on track and update weekly diet plans, providing instant responses to their queries.
  • Access: A dedicated team addresses clients’ needs, providing facts and explanations to empower informed choices.
  • Affordable Solutions: Singh Nutri Diet Diet prioritises accessibility, offering the lowest prices in the industry and making personalised nutrition reachable to people in need.

Empowering Healthier Tomorrow

  • Building Communities: Amandeep Soni actively collaborates with doctors, brands like Attribute and IMPACT, and athletes like Devon Larratt and Snezhana Babayeva, raising awareness about diet-related issues and promoting healthy living.
  • Spreading Knowledge: Through education and research, Amandeep Soni empowers individuals to make informed choices about food and exercise, fostering a culture of well-being.

“Our mission is to flash hope in people,” believes Dietitian Amandeep Soni. “We want to empower them to lead healthy, disease-free lives through wholesome nutrition practices, education, and research.”

Mrs Ahuja, a satisfied client, shares: “Dietitian Amandeep Soni is a very good dietician with expert knowledge and skills that help him take his customer as a challenge to compete with his weight loss which was quite interesting to be a part of his game, keep it up Amandeep.”

Through Singh Nutri Diet Diet, Amandeep Soni’s mission is for an individual transformation. He aims to raise awareness about diet-related issues, improve overall quality of life, and spread knowledge about adequate nutrition and workout regimes.

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