New Delhi (India), January 24: As the world’s fastest-growing major economy, India aims to lead the 2024 market. Discover the top 10 entities that have charted impressive growth, reshaped the business industry, and captured the essence of India’s economic momentum.

  1. Divine Talk Astrology 

Astrology app Divine Talk Astrology has seen a meteoric rise in user base over the past year, strengthening its position as a leading force in India’s online astrology space. This surge, fueled by strategic marketing and data-driven user acquisition, marks an essential moment for the platform.

Divine prioritises user experience. A rigorous two-step interview process and a dedicated quality monitoring team ensure only top-tier astrologers grace the platform. Data analytics guides app development, with algorithms optimising features for precise astrologer-user matches, enhanced chat satisfaction, and improved retention.

Recognising the growing demand for chat consultations, Divine has witnessed significant growth in this segment, driving profitability. Personalised user journeys featuring curated recommendations and special offers further fuel engagement and conversions.

Divine’s success lies in its commitment to user experience and data-driven innovation, paving the way for a vibrant future in India’s online astrology domain. 

2. RoadLay PR

RoadLay PR, founded by Harjeet Monga in 2003, introduces an evolving road repair solution for digital publications. Addressing the issue, this pollution-free product repairs potholes in under 3 minutes with three simple steps. Firstly, BROOM away loose debris, followed by Laying the material in the pothole, irrespective of its shape, and finally Tamping it down. The road is ready for immediate traffic, eliminating the need for traffic disruptions.

RoadLay PR’s cost-effective and versatile product requires no heavy machinery or skilled labour. Its pollution-free nature, devoid of on-site heating, makes it environmentally friendly. Applicable to both Bituminous and cemented roads, this all-weather solution is currently deployed on national highways, expressways, and airports. Developed in collaboration with an Anglo-Dutch major oil company, RoadLay PR’s innovative technology is paving the way for efficient and sustainable road repairs.

3. Revivo

REVIVO extends its warm embrace, revitalising ordinary clothes and relieving busy urban professionals from tedious laundry work. The company’s commitment to precision, passion, and care in the world of garment processing justifies its dedication to uncompromising quality. 

REVIVO is led by two talented founders; one is an IIT and IIM alumni, while the other is an FMS alumni, blending academic excellence and sustainable strategies to drive innovation. The laundry brand has been defying conventions by committing to eco-friendly practices while delivering reliable, sophisticated, and efficient garment care.

With state-of-the-art facilities and skilled professionals, the brand champions technological advancements, setting new benchmarks for efficiency and eco-friendliness in garment processing. A customer-centric approach lies at its core, ensuring a seamless and delightful garment care experience. Upholding the highest standards of integrity, REVIVO thrives on continuous innovation, exceeding customer expectations.

From two dreamers to a 40+ team serving two cities, the REVIVO story is one of triumph, teamwork, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

4. Kashmir Online Store

Kashmir Online Store is a premier e-commerce platform providing an unrivalled selection of top-tier dry fruits, saffron, and shilajit sourced from the untainted valleys of Kashmir.

At the Kashmir Online Store, stringent standards guarantee pure selections, subjecting delicate dry fruits, coveted saffron, and shilajit jars to rigorous testing. The platform establishes direct relationships with local Kashmiri farmers, ensuring product purity and supporting the communities that produce these treasures.

This digital emporium doesn’t just cater to the Indian market; it opens its doors globally, delivering the essence of Kashmiri flavours to doorsteps worldwide. The Kashmir Online Store appeals to a diverse audience, whether it’s the health-conscious seeking the benefits of shilajit, culinary enthusiasts yearning for gourmet experiences, or those searching for distinctive gifts for special occasions.

As the custodian of Kashmir’s rich heritage, the brand continues to evolve and preserve the essence of the valley in every product they offer.

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5. Earth Fresh

Earth Fresh, owned by Samridhhi Foods, a successful business established by entrepreneurs Mr Ritesh Jaiswal and Ms Samridhhi Jaiswal in 2021, has rapidly evolved from a local startup to a national sensation within just three years in Kolkata. The company has partnered with major Retail Modern Retail and E-commerce players such as Spencer, Big Basket, Reliance, Nature Basket, and Swiggy, expanding its presence throughout India.

The company’s commitment to excellence is evident in its comprehensive 100% Sortex process and touch-free packaging, ensuring customers that Earth Fresh products are of the highest quality. Samridhhi Foods adheres to international standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP, HALAL, and Kosher. It demonstrates the firm’s dedication to upholding cleanliness and quality through meticulous inspections and sourcing from the best farms nationwide.

The company is dedicated to supporting research and development to reduce reliance on artificial fertilisers in the future. Investors are encouraged to participate in this journey, where Samridhhi Foods’ mission places quality, ethics, and a healthier future at the forefront. 

6. Buffindia

In a prominent move towards environmental responsibility, Buffindia, which operates across 26 Indian cities, has pioneered an innovative approach to tackle the pervasive issue of cigarette waste. With over 100 billion cigarettes circulating in India and less than 5% being adequately disposed of, Buffindia addresses this hazard through its ‘Cigarette Waste Litter-Free India’ initiative.

This initiative involves a comprehensive solution, including unique cigarette waste disposal KIOSKs for source segregation, educational activities, door-to-door waste collection, and eco-friendly recycling processes. Notably, Buffindia crafts 150+ corporate gift articles from recycled waste, such as coasters, key chains, planters, flower pots, mobile stands, and decorative ashtrays.

The forthcoming launch of “Mr Butt by Buffindia,” India’s first D2C store for gift articles made from recycled cigarette waste, underscores the brand’s commitment to sustainable practices. Buffindia’s centralised recycling facility in Ahmedabad, set to be fully operational by February 2023, employs cutting-edge, fully automated machinery for efficient end-to-end recycling.

7. Dive Money

Dive Money, a mobile app incubated at NASSCOM Startups, is changing the game for Gen Z in India. Launched in July 2023 by Anandu Nair (Founder and CEO) and Diti Tanna (Co-founder and CPO), Dive Money empowers young people to save and invest effortlessly, overcoming the challenges of complex interfaces and intimidating financial jargon.

Dive Money is not just another saving app; it’s personalised-made for the GenZ community in India, focusing on goal-based saving. The platform, crafted by GenZ for GenZ, has no financial jargon, making saving stress-free and easy to understand. There’s no annoying lock-in period, providing the flexibility to withdraw funds anytime. With a user-friendly interface, Dive Money enables users to kickstart their savings journey with as little as Rs.100, offering an attractive annualised stable interest rate upto 9%.

Understanding the hesitation of many Gen Z individuals (64% as per a recent study) towards investing, Dive Money is building with a robust vision and strong roadmap exclusively for GenZ, believes the founder.

8. AnkitSEO is India’s lowest-cost SEO expert service-providing company based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. was established in 2019, founded by Ankit Patel from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Ankit Patel is well-known as an SEO expert in India. He has over seven years of experience in Search engine optimisation. The company aids a lot of companies in growing in the digital world.

Ankit Patel’s vision is to give India’s local businesses global recognition. SEO services take businesses to the next level; they can help increase online visibility and expose companies to more potential customers worldwide.

Ankit Patel helps clients locally to globalise businesses, improve their business, improve their keywords on Google searches, improve organic users more than their competitors, increase customers, increase profit, improve brand visibility, improve brand value, and improve online sales.

9. is a leading online marketplace for D2C health and beauty brands in India; the platform boasts over 1 lakh genuine products across Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Unani, Herbal, Natural formulations and beauty products sourced directly from vetted manufacturers or authorised distributors across the country.

Based in Bangalore, this platform was established in 2014, when the founders noticed a lack of online presence and availability of pure or organic groceries and health supplements in India. Since then, the platform has grown into various other categories featuring around 1 Lakh products from over 1000 brands. 

Product offerings range from Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Herbal, Unani, and Natural products for health, beauty and much more. Online doctor consultations, conveniently accessible without app downloads, further enhance the platform’s appeal.

Consistently ranked as a preferred choice by informed shoppers, the platform has maintained profitability at the gross and net level for 7+ consecutive years. In addition to the brand’s diverse products, women constitute 90% of the brand’s workforce. The brand also received the Times of India She Unltd Award in 2020.

10.Peplos Jeans

Peplos Jeans is the go-to destination for the modern man in pursuit of quality, comfort, and style. The brand was created to close the difference between expensive top-tier brands and smaller ones that don’t have excellent quality.

Collaborating with renowned global designers and manufacturers, the brand curates an exquisite range of contemporary menswear, stylish garments, and fashionable dresses. Having weathered the storms of challenges, including the tumultuous times of lockdown, Masoom Anwar and Sana Praveen’s belief in their products has seen them triumph, with approximately 500 daily orders from their website. 

The brand delivers trendy designs and international standard fabric quality that undergoes rigorous testing. Established as a brand for the Indian youth on a budget, Peplos Jeans is set to make waves overseas, with plans to launch its website in the lucrative USA market.

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