Veeram Dev Singh Krishnawat, MD, Chunda Group of Hotels

Udaipur (Rajasthan) [India], January 31: The regal city of Udaipur witnessed the grandeur of horsemanship & equestrian excellence as the Chunda Group of Hotels proudly hosted the annual Chunda Polo Cup, a hallmark event aimed at promoting and encouraging the sport of polo.

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Udaipur, the Chunda Polo Cup unfolded as a majestic celebration of timeless sport transcending the confines of a mere game and captivating audiences with thundering hooves and skillful manoeuvres on the field.

The three day event saw a captivating live up of friendly yet enthralling matches, bringing together seasoned players and emerging talents in a symphony of athleticism and camaraderie – both on & off the field. It was graced with top notch talent, with stalwarts like Himmat Singh Bedla, Th. Bhawani Singh Kalvi, Jaisal Singh, Ashok Chandna & Yaduraj Singh & Veeram Dev Singh Krishnawat, who took to the field and displayed an exciting level of skill, strategy, and the spirited essence of polo, as the teams vied for victory in the tournament.

Speaking about the prestigious event and the company vision, Veeram Dev Singh Krishnawat, MD, Chunda Group of Hotels & Founder of the Chunda Polo Club said, “Chunda Group of Hotels is committed to preserving and honouring the cultural heritage of India and the sport of Polo is rooted in our ethos. Through the Chunda Polo Cup, Yaduraj & I, aim to foster a love for polo by providing a platform for players to showcase their prowess, and drawing together enthusiasts to witness this equestrian delight”.

Chunda Group of Hotels Hosts Prestigious ‘Chunda Polo Cup’, Showcasing Equestrian Excellence in Udaipur - PNN Digital
Chunda Group of Hotels Hosts Prestigious ‘Chunda Polo Cup’, Showcasing Equestrian Excellence in Udaipur – PNN Digital

Beyond the riveting matches, the Chunda Polo Cup offered an ambiance of sophistication and grandeur. The event was attended by polo enthusiasts, dignitaries, and the members of the royal community who caught the action and enjoyed watching one of the highest levels of competition in the sport of polo while experiencing the hospitality of the Chunda Group of Hotels.

As the Chunda Polo Cup concludes, the legacy of polo in Udaipur continues to thrive. “Chunda Group of Hotels remains dedicated to nurturing the sport and looks forward to future endeavours that uphold the rich heritage of polo in this royal city. The positive reception of this year’s event was truly gratifying and the event’s triumph lies in the collective efforts of those who share a passion for polo and appreciate its timeless charm”, added Mr. Veeram Dev Singh Krishnawat.

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