New Delhi (India), February 1: In a remarkable display of innovation and resilience, India’s corporate industry is witnessing a transformative shift led by visionary enterprises. “Shaping Tomorrow: Top 10 Indian Businesses Making a Change” explores these industry leaders’ dynamic initiatives and impactful contributions. Delves into the strategies and commitments driving positive change, showcasing the indomitable spirit of Indian businesses shaping a brighter future.

1. Moksha Media Group

Founded in 2012, Moksha Media Group emerged as a burgeoning force with its transformative creative brilliance. The innovative brand houses over 200 dynamic talents working across a sprawling 40000 sq ft studio space, producing an annual output exceeding 2 million photos and videos. 

Moksha operates across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, New York, and Paris. The brand’s premium clientele includes industry giants such as Hindustan Unilever, Marico Limited, Amazon, Flipkart, BoAt, Myntra, Aditya Birla Fashion Retail Limited, Levi’s, Bvlgari, and more.

The founder-duo, Serge Giachandani and Dr. Asher T. Gianchandani collaborated with creative thinkers and digital experts to shape brand evolution. Rooted in a relentless pursuit of excellence, the brand leverages creative brilliance, cutting-edge technology, and strategic insight to craft narratives that transcend boundaries.

As a growing media-tech company, Moksha offers a suite of Creative, Production, Digital Marketing, SaaS and Web 3.0 solutions, empowering clients to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape confidently.

2. Delhi Global Steel

Established in 2010, Delhi Global Steel Pvt Ltd has grown into a leading furniture manufacturer and exporter in India under the guidance of mentor Mr Abhishek Kumar Singh. Renowned for quality and durability, the company offers an array of retail essentials, including display racks, shopping trolleys, garment stands, and more.

Mr Singh’s ethical leadership fosters a customer-first approach, reflected in the company’s commitment to world-class quality, modern production techniques, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing. With an expanding distribution network, Global Steel’s recognition stems from its advanced infrastructure and state-of-the-art machines, ensuring high-quality production.

Serving esteemed clients like Patanjali, Flipkart, and Dabur, the company’s impact resonates across India. On entering its second decade, the company continues to set higher benchmarks and strive for excellence and customer satisfaction. The company is giving franchises all over India. Contact number:- 8507435461


Since its inception in 2014, KBGTRIPS has been committed to making travel accessible for everyone, from budget-conscious individuals to luxury seekers. Founded by Gangadhar with the vision of “travel for all,” it guarantees a 100% Price Match Guarantee on its diverse range of holiday packages. The company offers personalised holiday packages across various destinations in Asia, including Thailand, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, Bali, Vietnam, Maldives, Andaman, Kashmir, Manali, and Ladakh.

KBGTRIPS prides itself on offering affordable prices compared to its competitors. This confidence stems from the company’s strong background as a destination management company in several Asian countries, allowing them to secure exceptional deals.

Catering to diverse traveller needs, KBGTRIPS offers packages for solo adventurers, couples, families, business groups, and friends. Whether a person seeks cultural immersion, adrenaline-pumping activities, or serene relaxation, KBGTRIPS has something for everyone.

With plans to expand its reach to more destinations, KBGTRIPS is a name to remember for anyone seeking an unforgettable and pocket-friendly travel experience.

4. The Earthy Ways

Gearing up for “Namah 2.0” on March 9th and 10th at Singhi Palace, Gariahat, the community of women and LGBTQ+ members by The Earthy Ways is venturing into offline premium exhibitions at minimal costs to support its burgeoning online presence. Ms Rachana Banerjee will also be a part of Namah 2.0 as an exhibitor. Empowered by “Zee Bangla,” with “Friends FM” as the radio partner and “A Little Contribution” as the NGO partner, the event aims to maintain its non-profit essence while projecting a premium and exclusive aura. 

The brainchild of this community, “Namah,” launched in September 2023, transcends the ordinary exhibition, offering a cost-effective stage for artisans, artists, startups, and NGOs. The inaugural attracted over 12,000 attendees, celebrities, media personalities, and renowned artists. 

The Earthy Ways is recognised for its commitment to inclusivity and support; it has evolved into a vibrant Facebook community boasting over 175,000 global members, fondly referred to as “Google on Facebook” by everyone.

5. Glowee Organics

Glowee Organics takes pride in crafting products from the purest organic ingredients, harnessing the power of nature for effective skincare and hair care. The brand cares about using eco-friendly ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging, which aligns with the increasing worldwide awareness about being kinder to the planet.

At the heart of Glowee Organics is the commitment to providing affordable luxury. Priyanka, the founder’s vision, ensures premium quality skincare and haircare products at a reasonable price, making the allure of luxury beauty accessible to all. A standout offering is the all-in-one hair mask, breaking traditional norms by allowing consumers to pair it with any shampoo, providing freedom and choice in their beauty routines.

From the innovative product offerings to the affordability of luxury, empowerment, and sustainability, the brand’s narrative resonates with a diverse audience, ranging from beauty enthusiasts to health-conscious consumers and budget-savvy shoppers.

6. SEOsurfer Digital Marketing Consulting & Training

Once a computer enthusiast, Narendra Kumar Pankaj shifted gears to become a digital marketing expert in a field still figuring itself out. Known for his intense dedication, Narendra became a helpful mentor, freely sharing his knowledge in digital marketing.

He conducted many enlightening sessions with MSMEs, mainly focusing on empowering handicraft women. Additionally, he organised the annual “Digital Laado” workshop, a commendable initiative benefiting women in the digital sphere. He imparted training in the workshop conducted by Google’s DigitalUnlocked in Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur and Bhopal.

His company orchestrated two memorable events – the Diwali and New Year parties – featuring games to gauge the team’s familiarity with current trends. These occasions affirmed their status as a proficient digital marketing company. He fostered business growth and reputation, training 15,000+ individuals with evolving strategies. He frequently organises practical digital marketing course training in Bhopal, MP.

7. WOW Detailing Studio™

WOW Detailing Studio™, an emerging force in the car detailing sector, is poised for expansive growth through franchising. Spearheaded by founder Achyut Kishor and co-founder Aditya, the company is reshaping the surface protection and enhancement terrain. 

Commencing in the upcoming fiscal year, WOW Detailing Studio™️ will unveil franchise opportunities in its home state, laying the foundation for a future nationwide presence. This strategic scheme aligns with the thriving car detailing industry, which is forecasted to reach significant market value and offer lucrative prospects for potential investors.

The impending franchise initiative signifies a pivotal step towards building a unicorn company within the next five years, inviting individuals to join a billion-dollar enterprise that prioritises innovation, high-tech applications, and systematic operations. As WOW Detailing Studio™️ embarks on this franchising journey, it invites entrepreneurs to be part of a transformative narrative where success is measured in profits and the positive impact on communities and individuals.

8. Microcode Software LLP

Microcode Software LLP, a rising star in the IT industry, was founded in 2021 by a team of passionate professionals. Its expertise spans various domains, including travel, fintech, healthcare and retail.

Whether an individual is an Online Travel Agent, a Luxury Travel Company, or a Corporate Traveler, Microcode Software specialises in developing travel portals by adding functions like flights, hotels, car rental and bus rental APIs catering to both b2b and b2c sectors.

Driven by a commitment to excellence, Microcode Software delivers cutting-edge solutions curated to each client’s unique requirements. The company leverages the latest advancements to provide efficient, reliable, scalable software products and services.

Its diverse portfolio encompasses custom software development, digital marketing, IT consultancy, travel portal development, and machine learning services. The company’s agile and customer-centric approach ensures each project is executed precisely, meeting specific client needs.

9. Armin Construction and Supplier

In 2020, Ansarul Chowdhury established his Assam-based construction and material supply company, Armin Construction and Supplier.  From modest origins to prominence in Assam’s construction materials supply industry, Mr Chowdhury, the Managing Director and Founder, has shown acute business acumen and steadfast determination.

Dedicated to serving Assam and the broader Indian community, Armin Construction and Supplier has earned trust as a reliable entity. With a diverse range of construction-related services and products, the company ensures adherence to government regulations, backed by a diligent team providing round-the-clock customer care. Armin Construction and Supplier has been catering to the regular needs of the private and non-private sectors.

Ansarul Choudhury’s transition from a construction contractor to a respected industrialist reflects his social impact. Under his guidance, Armin Construction and Supplier thrive, contributing to the construction sector and enriching Assam’s social fabric.

10.  Kyfa by Kay

Kyfa by Kay, the latest venture from the renowned house of Kay Fashions, celebrated its grand launch at Gopalapuram, transforming the evening into an epitome of refined elegance.

Located on Cathedral Road, the newly inaugurated store stands as a testament to Kyfa by Kay’s commitment to offering an opulent premium collection. The exquisite range includes lehengas, gowns, salwar suits, and ethnic co-ord sets.

The event garnered the presence of the city’s elite, underscoring Chennai’s discerning taste for high-quality fashion. Distinguished personalities such as Samyuktha Shan, Arthi Venkatesh, Kavitha Pandian, and Mehendi Jashnani graced the occasion.

This opening marks a significant milestone in Chennai’s fashion landscape, providing style-conscious individuals with a curated selection of ethnic and bridal ensembles. The store, located at 75 Cathedral Road, Gopalapuram, Chennai 600 086, invites enthusiasts to explore its spectacular offerings.