New Delhi [India], February 22: In the fast-paced learning environment of business, learners question the necessity of job experience for admission into business schools and securing decent employment afterwards. We examine in detail what it involves to pursue an MBA Program in Business Analytics and the process of gaining entry into PGDM programs in 2024. This blog will consider how the work experience of a person can assist them in moving from the stage of application to receiving an excellent job proposal.

The Evolving Dynamics of B-School Admissions

In advanced education, Business Schools are commonly viewed as the gateway to jobs with good salaries. As individuals increasingly seek specialized skills such as those found in Business Analytics, the competition for securing a spot in a prestigious MBA program grows tougher. In the current situation of PGDM(MBA^) Admissions, they look at everything about a candidate, including work experience.

Navigating the PGDM(MBA^) Admission 2024 Landscape

To get into PGDM (MBA) programs in 2024, you need to meet the traditional as well as the modern criteria. CAT/MAT/XAT/CMAT Management Exam remains crucial.

However, business schools now value actual work experience a lot, too. The process of PGDM (MBA^) Admission 2024 is being updated to put more importance on students with varied job experience.

Work Experience as a Differentiator

Here’s a table focusing on the work experience and their individual importance. 

In Business Analytics, a very competitive area where turning data into actionable insights is essential, possessing experience from actual work matters. MBA programs emphasize Business Analytics due to its high demand in current business environments. Schools providing MBAs recognize that students with prior work experience can add more worth. This approach is not merely a trend but also a strategic response to the constantly evolving business landscape.

Work experience - Does it increase B-school admission and placement chances in 2024? - PNN Digital
Work experience – Does it increase B-school admission and placement chances in 2024? – PNN Digital

Human Resources Management and Work Experience Nexus

In the field beyond Business Analytics, the link between handling workers on the job and real work experience is also quite solid. For PGDM (MBA) entrance in 2024, business schools with programs focusing on Human Resources Management desire applicants possessing hands-on professional experience. People who have worked before become much more important as they know how to deal with difficult problems in leading others from their actual experience.

The National Institutional Ranking Framework, known as NIRF, plays a significant role in shaping perceptions of business schools. When these institutions receive rankings from NIRF, they are recognized for their excellence in education and also acknowledged for appreciating the importance of practical work experience. In 2024, NIRF Ranked B-School looks for students who have good academic abilities and also experience from practical life for their courses.

PGDM/ MBA Placements: A Confluence of Academia and Industry

A lot of individuals strive to obtain an MBA with the hope of receiving attractive job proposals. In current times, after students complete their PGDM, they find that work chances combine academic knowledge from school with practical experience. JIMS Technical Campus understands that successful employment is not only about academic knowledge but also how effectively a student applies this knowledge in practical situations.

Case Study

Picture two individuals striving to gain entry into an exclusive MBA course in Business Analytics. The initial applicant, known as Candidate A, completed their studies recently and possesses excellent academic marks. Candidate B, the second person, has been working in data analytics for three years. The Business School understands company requirements and recognizes that this candidate possesses valuable knowledge to address issues. This comprehension makes the transition from school to employment more fluid when it comes to securing a job position.

The Future Outlook

As we go through the steps to enter Business Schools and search for jobs in 2024, it becomes evident that possessing job experience greatly contributes to achieving success. These institutions are more than just sites for academic study. They serve as dynamic environments where knowledge gained from textbooks is combined with practical, real-life insights. MBA courses, particularly in the field of Business Analytics, are progressing towards a time when they both welcome and seek out applicants with diverse employment histories.

The Impact of Work Experience on Placement: A Closer Look

To understand how work experience influences getting jobs, it is essential to recognize the less obvious advantages that workers with experience provide. Those who have worked in the industry before often pick up new skills quickly, adapt easily to changes in their job environment, and possess a more profound understanding of challenges within businesses. 

This comprehensive perspective is highly valued in PGDM (MBA^) placements as companies increasingly seek individuals able to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world situations. The merging of theory and practice is evident in the achievements of many people, enhancing the significance of work experience as a crucial factor contributing positively to B-School outcomes.


The admissions for PGDM/MBA in 2024 underscore a shift in priorities. Business schools are recognizing that candidates bringing more to the table than solely top-notch academic achievements hold great worth. The relationship between universities and the business world is becoming more robust, which will significantly affect the performance of Business Schools based on their ability to integrate academic studies with practical experience from the actual business environment.


1. How does work experience impact PGDM (MBA^) admissions in 2024?

Having work experience can make you more likely to succeed because it shows that you really know how things are done. Many business schools now value having a mix of good academic records and what you’ve learned from real jobs.

2. Are CAT/MAT/XAT/CMAT scores still crucial for PGDM (MBA^) Admission in 2024?

The test scores remain significant. However, Business Schools now give considerable attention to complete profiles that include professional experience.

3. Why do NIRF Ranked B-Schools emphasize work experience?

Business schools evaluated by NIRF recognize the changing nature of the industry and value students who possess practical experience alongside strong academic achievements.

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