New Delhi (India), February 29: Arista Vault, India’s first smart luggage brand and an innovative startup dedicated to redefining the landscape of travel convenience and security, made an appearance on Shark Tank India Season 3 with their Smart Products. This momentous achievement underscores Arista Vault’s unwavering commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship, showcasing visionary leadership: Ms. Purvi Roy, CEO; Mr. Atul Gupta, CFO, appeared in Shark Tank India Season 3 episode, where they discussed smart luggage, Anti-lost and Anti-theft Smart Wallets, Smart Fingerlock Bags, and the super interesting Smart Follow Me & Ride-On Luggage—a luggage that follows you, and you can even ride on it—the luggage has airport prompt and anti-lost features. They stand ready to make a lasting impact in the luggage industry with Smart Luggage.

Arista Vault’s Mission

Arista Vault, a pioneering technology firm with 7 patents and 6 trademarks, is dedicated to simplifying and enhancing human life through innovative smart products and gadgets. Founded in 2018 by Purvi Roy, Atul Gupta, and Col. Krishan Kumar Singh.

Product Overview

Smart Wallets

The Classic wallet, Arista Vault’s bestseller, boasts the innovative Ring My Wallet/Phone feature, enabling users to effortlessly locate their wallet or phone with a simple tap on their smartphone. With built-in power charging capabilities, this pocket companion ensures that devices remain powered on the go.

Fingerlock Smart Bags

Arista Vault’s lineup of backpacks, tech bags, and croc bags offers unparalleled security with its advanced fingerlock feature, ensuring that only your fingerprint can unlock the bag, safeguarding belongings with the utmost protection.

Smart Luggage

Experience the future of travel with our Follow Me Smart Luggage, your ultimate travel companion. With this technology, your luggage autonomously follows your lead.

Shark Tank Experience

As Arista Vault stepped into the famed Shark Tank, the hearts of the founders raced with a mix of nerves and excitement, like butterflies fluttering before a big moment. The room buzzed with entrepreneurial spirit, charged with the excitement of new ideas and bold ventures. Vineeta, Radhika, Aman, and Anupam added a playful energy as they hopped onto the Follow Me luggage, infusing the atmosphere with lighthearted fun. Amidst the excitement, Anupam and Aman found themselves racing on the Follow Me luggage, colliding with a bang that showcased the durable quality of our products in a fun twist of events. The sharks were captivated by Arista Vault’s cutting-edge technology, expressing profound admiration as they marveled at the innovative features like children in a toy store discovering new wonders. Their enthusiastic praise reverberated like thunderous applause, affirming Arista Vault’s pioneering role in revolutionizing smart travel solutions with the anti-lost/ anti-theft feature.

When Ms. Vineeta Singh laid eyes on our hands-free luggage, which can ride on its own, she was amazed with a “WOW”. Similarly, Mr. Aman Gupta brought a lot of energy as he effortlessly demonstrated our self-driving suitcase; it was clear he was in awe of innovation, said Atul Gupta.

Amidst all this, Mrs. Radhika Gupta’s enthusiasm for the biometric fingerprint feature filled the room with warmth, like a gentle breeze on a summer day. Conversely, Varun Dua’s focus on insurance diverged from our strategic vision.

Then there was Anupam Mittal, a giant in the business world, like a real-life Tony Stark. His intelligence was impressive, like a guiding light during tough times. When he showed interest in our technology, it felt like a conductor being captivated by a beautiful piece of music. And to top it off, we secured a deal from him worth 45 lakh rupees, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards success.

The Path to Post-Shark Tank Prosperity

Following our electrifying debut on Shark Tank, we are poised for unprecedented growth. With invaluable feedback from the Sharks and nationwide exposure, we are primed to expand our market reach. We are seeking distributors across India for our innovative product line to revolutionize the security landscape.


Arista Vault, a new age company bringing technology into luggage, making it uber smart and urging Switch2Smart, gave enough reason to dodge the ordinary and bring smart luggage for travel safety & travel in this hustle and bustle. With Ishant Sharma as the brand ambassador, they have appeared on Shark Tank India Season 3, marking innovation, growth, and prosperity. With Anupam Mittal’s backing and newfound exposure, Arista Vault is poised to make a lasting impact in the luggage security landscape, ready to conquer new frontiers.

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