New Delhi (India), March 8:  As we commemorate International Women’s Day on March 8, 2024, it’s paramount to recognize the pivotal role of women in shaping the landscape of holistic wellness and spiritual guidance. In today’s fast-paced and increasingly chaotic world, the demand for healing and inner peace has never been greater. Energy healers serve as pillars of strength and sources of solace, offering invaluable support to individuals navigating the complexities of modern life.

These remarkable practitioners draw from various mystical disciplines such as Lama Fera, Tarot, Mokshapatta, and numerology, among others, to offer a holistic approach to healing and personal transformation. Through their expertise and intuitive insights, energy healers facilitate profound shifts at the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. They help individuals release energetic blockages, heal deep-seated wounds, and awaken to their true essence. In a society increasingly plagued by stress, depression, and existential angst, the role of energy healers has never been more relevant. They serve as catalysts for personal growth and self-discovery, guiding individuals on a journey of inner exploration and empowerment. In doing so, they provide invaluable support to those seeking to reclaim their sense of wholeness and well-being in an often-tumultuous world.

These five extraordinary women stand at the forefront of the energy healing movement, each embodying a unique blend of wisdom, compassion, and intuitive insight. Their unwavering dedication to uplifting others and facilitating personal transformation has earned them recognition and acclaim across India and beyond.

Ppriyal Lokhandvwala, Founder, Gandant Global: Ms. Ppriyal Lokhandvwala, founder of Gandant Global, is a beacon of hope for those seeking clarity and direction in their lives. As an intuitive healer, NLP Practitioner, life coach, and internationally certified master of various mystical disciplines including tarot, numerology, lama Fera , mokshapatta, chakra therapy, Swara yoga, and more, Ms. Lokhandvwala has dedicated herself to Vedic remedies and divine sciences that amalgamate logic and spirituality for balancing mind-body-spirit. Guiding individuals towards self-discovery to unleash their potential and unload their baggage. Through Gandant Global, she has created a platform for genuine spiritual guidance, bridging the gap between seekers and practitioners in the ever-expanding realm of consciousness exploration.

BK Sister Shivani, Brahma Kumaris: BK Sister Shivani, renowned for her teachings on Rajyoga Meditation through the television show “Awakening With Brahma Kumaris,” has touched the hearts of millions with her profound insights and compassionate wisdom. By empowering individuals to take responsibility for their emotions and thoughts, BK Sister Shivani has helped countless individuals overcome mental stress, depression, and unhappiness. Her transformative message of self-awareness and inner peace resonates deeply with seekers from all walks of life, fostering a sense of hope and possibility in a world often overshadowed by fear and uncertainty.

Dr. Jai Madaan, Celebrity Astrologer & Motivational Speaker: Dr. Jai Madaan, an esteemed astrologer and motivational orator, brings a unique blend of wisdom and positivity to her work. Through her insights into astrology and vastu, she empowers individuals to unlock their full potential and manifest abundance in their lives.

Coach Richa Jindal: Coach Richa Jindal is an Energy Alchemist and certified Hypnotherapist, delves into the depths of the subconscious mind to facilitate healing and personal growth. Her journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening serves as inspiration for others on the path to wholeness.

Neera Sareen, Trainer in intuitive and predictive sciences: Neera Sareen, internationally acclaimed Master Trainer in intuitive and predictive sciences, harnesses the power of love and compassion to guide individuals on their spiritual journey. With over two decades of dedicated service to humanity, she exemplifies the transformative potential of energy healing.

As we celebrate these extraordinary women on International Women’s Day, let us recognize the invaluable contributions they make to society. Their dedication, compassion, and expertise not only enrich individual lives but also contribute to the collective well-being of our communities. The role of energy healers in today’s world extends far beyond simply addressing physical ailments. They serve as catalysts for personal growth and self-discovery, guiding individuals on a journey of inner exploration and empowerment. By working with subtle energy fields and tapping into universal forces, energy healers help individuals release energetic blockages, heal past traumas, and awaken to their true potential. 

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