Around 800 women took benefit of the vaccination

Surat (Gujarat) [India], March 12: Candor IVF center organized an Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine camp on International Women’s Day, benefiting approximately 800 women. The clinic, well-known for its infertility services in Surat, aimed to provide protection against cervical cancer through this initiative.

Dr. Jaydev Dhameliya, the founder of Candor IVF and a renowned IVF Specialist, expressed concern about the increasing number of cervical cancer cases. He emphasized the effectiveness of the HPV vaccine, which also offers protection against genital warts.

Candor IVF organizes HPV Vaccine camp on International Women's Day - PNN Digital

“On International Women’s Day, we organized a camp at our Candor IVF center in Kapodara. Approximately 800 women benefited from the camp, which took place from 2 pm to 6 pm,” stated Dr. Dhameliya.

Candor IVF operates successfully with a total of nine branches in Gujarat, including four in Surat. Additionally, there is one branch located outside of Gujarat, with plans for more branches in the pipeline. This expansion reflects the clinic’s commitment to reaching more communities and addressing the healthcare needs of women across various locations. Overall, the initiative underscores Candor IVF’s dedication to promoting women’s health and preventing cervical cancer in the community.