Lyphosterol soft gel capsules now available for sale on Amazon and at pharmacies across India.

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], March 26:  India’s one of the leading nutraceutical company Lee Health Domain said it developed Lyphosterol, a natural polypill supplement for the effective care of heart.

 The soft gel capsule, which was developed after an extensive research in cardiovascular diseases, contains bioactive compounds from aged garlic extract, gama oryzanol, phytosterol, lycopene, nano curcumin, fenugreek and piperine, said Alla Leela Rani, Director, Lee Health Domain.    

“The bioactive compounds used in Lyphosterol are highly potent and effective in balancing cholesterol and triglyceride levels. They remove soft plaque in the arteries for stabilisation of irregular heartbeats. Moreover, these compounds protect the body against the damage from free radicals and also reduce the risk of heart disease,” explained Leela Rani, company’s Director. 

Lyphosterol is available for sale on Amazon, Lee Health Domain portal and leading pharmacies.

Leela Rani further said that in olden days, people aged over 60 years used to suffer heart attacks. “Now, that scenario changed, especially post the Covid pandemic. There has been rapid surge in deaths due to sudden heart attacks and younger people are also falling prey to cardiac arrests now,” she added.

According to her, there are many factors that contribute to sudden heart failures. “Major reasons are sedentary life style, irregular eating habits and stress. Experts also suspect that indiscriminate use of medicines during Covid is also one of the factors for heart attacks,” Leela Rani observed. 

Lee Health Domain manufactures nutraceutical products from natural herbs that provide solutions to problems related to lifestyle-related health problems, joint pains, eye diseases, cold, cough, etc. It developed a host of products after extensive research. There is a huge demand for its products not only in India, but also overseas. Some of products in its line-up include Smoothwalk, Spinocort, Immunolact, D-Macula, Free Menocycle, Active-Plus, Actokin, Steam Mantra and Vasa Tulsi Plus. The company also manufactures skin, hair and nails care products under Lee Natural Care brand.

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