Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) [India], June 24:  The Sport Climbing Federation of India (SCFI) elected Dr. Rajmohan Pillai, Chairman of the Beta Group, as its new president. Dr. Rajmohan’s election, held at the Trivandrum Tennis Club on Sunday, marks a pivotal moment for the SCFI, heralding a new era of leadership and a dynamic vision for the future of sport climbing in India.

In his inaugural address, Dr. Rajmohan underscored his dedication to promoting sport climbing, with a special focus on its Olympic potential. “Our goal is to secure podium finishes at the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics,” stated him. “Moreover, I am committed to developing sport climbing infrastructure across the nation, aiming to have over 1 million registered players from all corners of India.”

He highlighted the crucial role of integrating sport climbing into school curriculums, pointing out that students spend approximately 25,000 hours in school from 1st Standard to 12th Standard. He emphasized the need to establish sport climbing wall facilities in schools to identify and nurture young talent. “With India’s vast population, it is essential to train top performers from a young age. We plan to enrol 1,000 new athletes each year, providing them with professional training to excel in national and international competitions,” he added.

The meeting, led by General Secretary Col. S.P. Malik and Vice President Brig. Yadav, also celebrated recent successes by young Indian athletes, especially at the Asian Kids Championship in December 2023. Dr. Rajmohan noted the significant progress India has made in sport climbing over the past year. 

“Team India has earned numerous accolades in sport climbing competitions recently. Eight athletes represented India in the Asian Games, four competed in the Asian Youth Championships in China, and 25 young climbers participated in the Asian Youth Championships. At the Asian Kids Championship held at Jamshedpur, India won the maximum number of medals,” he proudly stated.

“Sport climbing embodies spirit, vitality, and perseverance,” he remarked. “It teaches us to be strong in moments of weakness, brave in the face of fear, and proud yet humble in victory. The SCFI is committed to ensuring our athletes have the best conditions to compete and succeed.”

He also highlighted the importance of sport climbing in the Olympic Games, mentioning its inclusion in the Tokyo 2020, Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games, Paris 2024, and Los Angeles 2028. He also stressed the need for comprehensive support for athletes from childhood to adulthood, including physical, psychological, and nutritional aspects.

“We must develop athletes scientifically, focusing on lung capacity, muscle power, endurance, and metabolic health through rigorous training. This requires a collective effort from parents, teachers, and society to create an environment that encourages children to achieve high performance in sports,” he said. 


Dr. J Rajmohan Pillai: A Multi-Faceted Business Icon, Philanthropist, and Sporting Champion.

Dr. J Rajmohan Pillai, born in 1964 into a renowned business family, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 18. He overcame substantial financial challenges early in his career, demonstrating remarkable resilience and business acumen. With leadership roles in esteemed organizations like Parle Foods, Britannia Industries Ltd., and Thai Agri Foods Public Company, Pillai has left an indelible mark on the global business landscape.

A pivotal figure in the cashew industry, Pillai’s contributions extend beyond his enterprises, influencing various industry organizations. He successfully managed a staggering $103 million liability following his brother’s passing, showcasing his determination and innovative approach to business without substantial assets.

Beyond the boardroom, Pillai is a passionate sports enthusiast, particularly in tennis. He is the President of the Kerala Roll Ball Federation and has organized numerous tennis tournaments. His contributions to sports were recognized with the Dronacharya award and the Cashew Export Excellence Award from the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce in 2023.

As accomplished author, Pillai has penned books, the published by penguin, (a wasted death) current books (the cashew king) on the cashew industry and his brother’s legacy. He holds a Doctorate in Business Management for his thesis on the global cashew industry and is also the Founder of Y2S (Yes to Spirituality), promoting yoga and spiritual grow.

Under his leadership, the Beta Group has achieved a turnover of $3.1 billion. Dr. Pillai is committed to supporting small businesses and start-ups, nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship. His vision includes establishing a second Britannia Amritraj Tennis Academy and organizing a pan-India tennis league.

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