AI-driven Innovation to revolutionize document processing: X-BIZ DIGIVISION.AI launches ‘Offline Vision Engine & Aadhaar Masking’ with AI Combo Package

X-BIZ DIGIVISION.AI Unveils ‘Offline Vision Engine & Aadhaar Masking’ AI Combo Package New Delhi (India), October 13: X-Biz Techventures DIGIVISION.AI, a popular Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision enabled solution for Indian BFSI Sector has launched a groundbreaking product named the ‘Offline Vision Engine’.  This innovative product will revolutionize how businesses handle […]

Crafting Digital Experiences with a Human Touch

Aishwarya Rai New Delhi (India), October 4: Amidst the rapid currents of technological advancements, Aishwarya Rai shines bright, blending her tech-savvy nature with a heart that truly understands people. This combination sets her apart in the expansive realm of Tech Innovation.  A product of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology […]

Block Beats Company Now Launching BITICA Delegated Proof of Stake [DPOS] Blockchain World Wide Live On 28th September 2023

Dubai (UAE), September 23: According to DR. SAHIL KADARI, CEO/CMD/Founder of Block Beats Company, blockchain represents the future of the next generation and one of the best investment prospects of our time. He is still investigating the applications and development potential of blockchain technology. He has also received several honours, including […]