Is Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin going to come back on TV in the middle of the lockdown? Why not, Mona Singh asks, as she is going to appeal to the audience today-TV

The story of a girl who, although she was just Jane, got a job at a prestigious fashion magazine was a prerequisite for Jassie Jussie Koi Nahin. After the show aired in 2003, he has a loyal fan and the actress Mona Singh claims fame. With the return of so many old shows like Ramayan and Mahabharat on Indian television, there is a buzz around Jassi… too.

I’ve never heard such news, says Singh, but what I’ve experienced is that a lot of people write to me on social networks, that I have to talk to the station and tell them to restart the show. Even Gaurav Hera (co-star and friend) has received such requests and we have discussed them. It’s the perfect time to watch the show again, and it’s humiliating to see that people still want to watch.

Mona Singh is in the frame with Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin.

When the show reached cult status, the actress made a stunning confession – she never managed to get the show off the ground! For me it would be super nostalgic, because when I filmed it, I never had time to watch it. That’s the irony! Since you play the leading role, you shoot 24 hours a day, so I think it would be nice to see it now and relive it almost any moment.

But we need to talk about resuming the show, don’t we? Singh explains that it all started just a few days ago, when people were talking about reruns of mythological shows. I told my family we’d watch Malgoudi and Vagle Ki Dunia for days. Suddenly Jassie got up. It is the simplicity of the show and the fact that he remained faithful to the characters. If you get hurt somewhere, you can get attached to a character. All the shows out there just wanted to be beautiful and sexy. Any Indian girl could have had something to do with Jassie because she has always been rejected, and the story is a story of faith in itself, she says.

The fact that the old show was not dragged out and left, but was ended when necessary, also adds to the charm of the old show. The actor agrees. We never changed our history based on the evaluation we received. Now if they call me to the camera and my clue works, they’ll start with my clue. It’s not very well planned. That never happened to Jassie. Nowadays, you can’t take anything from a TV show. All heroines look alike, whether they’re crying or angry, Singh characters.