LA County’s Coronavirus Death Toll Hits 1,000-Mark –

Los Angeles (CBSLA) – The number of deaths due to VIDOC-19 in the province of Los Angeles has reached 1,000, officials said Tuesday.

Volunteers will help to load the food into the cars delivered on the 28th. April 2020 in Los Angeles, Pico Rivera, California. (Getty Images)

597 people have tested positive for the coronavirus in the past 24 hours, said the director of Los Angeles County Health Dr. Barbara Ferrer Tuesday afternoon, and 59 people have died from the disease.

This brought the number of cases in the district to 20,976 and the total number of deaths to 1000.

Fifty-two percent of the deceased had serious diseases.

Meanwhile, 462 of the dead lived in institutions, the vast majority in old people’s homes. These deaths account for 46% of all coronavirus deaths in Los Angeles County.

With more than 400 deaths among nursing home residents, the pandemic has deepened the cracks in our society, including the protection of the elderly and those who are more medically vulnerable, Mrs Ferrer said in a statement.

4,488 cases of the coronavirus were registered in 333 institutions, including nursing homes, health institutions, prisons, homes for the homeless, treatment centres and homes for the disabled.

We need to be able to detect and isolate the symptoms more quickly because we are asymptomatic, both residents and staff, and quarantine those in close contact, she added.

Last week, Los Angeles County announced a ban on visiting nursing homes and all other facilities. Only ordinary employees are accepted.

On Monday Ferrer said that officials were initially slow to contain the outbreak in nursing homes because they did not know that COWID-19 could be infected, but asymptomatically.

Now that we know this, our strategy is to offer testing to all residents and staff in qualified medical facilities, she said. And we work closely with the Ministry of Health to provide appropriate test kits and sampling facilities in nursing homes.
The Los Angeles County Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to increase protection for residents and workers in retirement homes. This petition requests, among other things, a salary supplement, overtime and sick leave for employees in nursing homes during the crisis, and a higher rate for employees caring for residents who tested positive for the virus.
It also recommends that qualified nursing homes should be required to take over patients as soon as they no longer have acute coronary artery disease.

All these measures should be supported by the officials issuing licences for such facilities.

In addition, the provincial health service has extended coronavirus testing to all residents and nursing home staff affected by outbreaks, regardless of whether they are symptomatic or not. District staff also supervise centres without positive cases.

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