‘MS Dhoni grabbed the opportunities when Parthiv Patel and Dinesh Karthik failed’

Nehra mentioned that Doni did very well with limited possibilities, while Patel and Dinesh Kartik failed.

Ashish Nehra and MS Doni

Ashish Nehra and MS Doni. (source: Twitter)

RS Doni, a cricket veteran, is one of the best cricket bats ever made in India in the history of cricket. When the former Indian captain entered the international arena, he faced fierce competition from Dinesh Kartik and Partiv Patel. Yet he surpassed them with his hard work and determination. Now Ashish Nehra, an old Indian kettle, opened up and said that Doni felt the taste of success when he grabbed the opportunity and took full advantage of it.

The 38-year-old is considered one of the most intelligent cricketers on the international stage. He has certainly changed the dynamics of Indian cricket, winning the T20 and the World Cup for more than 50 years. Doni is currently switching to the pedicure at the end of his career and has not played a single match since the semi-finals of the 2019 World Cup. However, this should not be at the expense of his talent and authority. Donny’s had a lot of success with tribes, too.

Ashish Nehra opens in RS Donicareer

Partiv Patel and Dinesh Kartik made their debut in India before Doni entered the international scene. Moreover, the duo was already in the spotlight after playing with big teams like England and Australia. But coming from behind, Doni secured his place in the team in no time thanks to brilliant performances and all the rest – history.

Ashish Nehra opened the same sentence about the fact that Doni didn’t play very well in his first games. The biggest advantage for a 38-year-old man was his self-confidence. His stunt against the Men in Green was a sign of his arrival. He also added that Donny wasn’t a very good calibrator. The players who played for him were very good, like Kiran Mor and Nayan Mongya. But there was something special about him that set Doni apart from the others.

Doni didn’t have much fun in his first games. But when a confident person has an opportunity and seizes it, it’s hard to take it away. Continuous self-confidence is Donny’s strength. That sleeve tasted like blood, and he wanted more.

After that round he barely had a fight in room three, but he made a statement that day. Donny wasn’t the best goalkeeper when he got here. Everyone who played for him was very good. He certainly wasn’t a More Kiran or a Mongolian Nayan, said Ashish Nehra, quoted in the Times of India.

Nehra said that Doni had done very well with limited resources, while the Patel Party and Dinesh Kartik could not do the same. A cricket veteran cannot be a technically skilled hitter or a traditional glove maker. But of course, he was the best hitter.

Donny did what DC and Partiv didn’t do well. Doni may not have been Batman’s best calibrator or recorder, but he was definitely Batman’s best calibrator, Nehra added.