New PS5 DualSense Controller Feature Could Save Some PlayStation Gamers a Lot of Money

Yesterday Sony Interactive Entertainment finally discovered a PS5 controller called DualSense. In addition to the look and feel of the new PlayStation controller, Sony also unveiled new features and details that give us a better idea of the controller and its differences from the PS4 DualShock 4 controller. Although DualSense has a new look and two-tone design, it’s not really a radical change from the PS4 controller. What PlayStation gamers love about DualShock 4 remains safe and sound, according to Sony. It also introduces new features that make it a remarkable improvement over the PS4 controller, including one that should save some PlayStation players money.

Sony points out that DualSense has been enhanced with a built-in microphone that allows players to easily communicate with friends without headphones. According to Sony, they are ideal for a short call, but if you plan to play for a longer period of time, the headphones are more perfect for obvious reasons. However, the microphone is equipped with a filter and speech recognition technology. In other words, it recognizes your voice by blocking background noise.

Such a possibility does not exist with PS4. In order to communicate with your friends and other players, you need to use a microphone. Each PS4 came with a helmet, but that was not only horrible, easy to break, but also easier to lose. Few PS4 players still wear this helmet, which means they had to go crazy to buy a gaming helmet. With the PS5 this is not necessary, unless you want quality sound.

Of course, many PlayStation players will prefer a headset, but for people with money, this is a great opportunity to save money. High-end gaming headsets are quite expensive, especially if you only buy one to communicate with your friends.

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