Nick Jonas reveals his favourite Indian food, says he likes samosa but ‘am more of a paneer guy’ – music

American singer Nick Jonas said he liked Samosa better, although he admitted he liked it too. Nick and his wife, actress Priyanka Chopra, are both gourmets and often share food photos and videos on social networks.

In an interview with Today Magazine, Nick was asked about his favorite Indian dish, and he answered Panir, it’s the best. Asked about the famous Samosa snack bar, Nick told the magazine. Yeah, I… but more like a panelist.

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Priyanka and Nick are currently under lock and key in the United States as part of the coronavirus pandemic and are downloading a video on Instagram. They’re isolated in their home in Los Angeles. The United States is among the most affected countries in the world and has the highest number of positive Covida cases.19 The United States is also among the most affected countries in the world and has the highest number of positive Covida cases.

Priyanka and Nick have jointly donated to numerous charities, including PM-Cares, Unicef, Feeding America and Goonj. These organizations do an excellent job in helping people affected by #Covid19. They feed the hungry, help doctors and emergency services, help low-income communities and the homeless, and support our colleagues in the entertainment industry. Nick and I made donations to these charities: Unicef, FeedingAmerica, Goonj, DoctorsWithoutBorders, Nokidhungry, GiveIndia, and Sagaftra, IaHV, Aseema, and PMCARES fund, they tweeted about the donations.

About her husband, Pryanka just said one of the first things he said to me when he asked me to marry him was how much he loved my ambition. That’s not what I’m used to hearing from guys. In fact, that’s what most people I’ve met have feared a little. But that’s what my husband likes about me. He gets very excited when I come in with business questions for dinner. I like the fact that we are both very focused on our careers and that we respect the importance of our work for each other.