No ‘Closure If We Do Not Finish This Season’ –

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Instead of getting ready for the playoffs, Lebron James spends most of his spring playing basketball with his teenage sons and drinking tea with his granddaughter.

Lebron James of the Lakers in a game against the Brooklyn Nets at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, 10. March 2020. (Getty Images)

And if he doesn’t jump with his wife, he scans the news to see if the coronavirus pandemic in the Los Angeles Lakers will allow him to end his impressive season in pursuit of the NBA Championship.

James is still optimistic about the future of the Lakers, but he also knows that safety comes first.

I don’t think we will have an end if we don’t get a chance to finish this season, said James from home on Wednesday in a conference call with the Lakers who beat journalists.

The Lakers were on their way to their first play-off spot since 2013 when the NBA season started on the 11th. Mars. They had the best result in the Western Conference – 49-14, led the Clippers (44-20) to second place in 5 1/2 games and lost only to Milwaukee (53-12) in the general classification.

The Lakers did so after a thorough review of the lists last summer, led by Anthony Davis. They also survived a stressful trip to China, followed by the death of franchise icon Kobe Bryant in a plane crash in January.

The 17th. James’ NBA season is of course unique for many reasons, but he is exceptionally proud of what the Lakers have achieved so far.

I can feel some satisfaction about what our team has been able to achieve this year with (c) a rookie coach, a rookie system, a whole new coaching staff that has brought so much new to our team this year, James said. To be honest, I didn’t think we could get together as soon as we had so many new pieces (and Anthony to wear). He spent seven years in New Orleans, so he got into the new system, played the game, and how can we get together? I thought it would take us a lot longer, but I was wrong. I was wrong.

And then all that good work suddenly stopped four weeks ago. Two unidentified Lakers players then tested positive for the coronavirus, but the Lakers say James and his teammates are in good health after a 14-day isolation camp.

James will be deeply disappointed if the Lakers don’t get a chance to test themselves in the playoffs, but he understands that the most important thing in the coming weeks and months will be

James began by expressing his opposition to holding games in empty arenas or allowing NBA teams in one city to end the season as 40 sports. A selection 16 times bigger than the All-Star now indicates that it is ready for anything safe and smart.

If it’s in an isolated place, if it’s Las Vegas or any other place that can hold us and give us the best chance to be safe, not just on the field but off, then this conversation will happen, James said. Once this thing is well understood and the elders understand it, once they know we’re safe, then we can take the next step. But safety is always the most important thing, and then we’ll get through it.

James stopped working with Mike Mancias, his personal trainer. Instead, he says, he trains with his wife Savannah and plays a lot of baskets with Bronny James, their 15-year-old son, in a carefully sterilized friend’s garden. He also shoots baskets with his whole family in his own house on the street.

James meditates every week, but he says his state of mind is excellent thanks to his family. He often said he didn’t have enough time with his loved ones during the NBA season, so he enjoyed the intense communication with the children.

They wake up every day in a good mood, says James laughing. Maybe one of the reasons they’re not really at school, so I know they’re sleeping a lot more now. But they also value life. … Just seeing my kids wake up with such a positive attitude helps me. For me: I’m gonna wake up, have a good breakfast, then I’m gonna work out. And when I train, I’m always in a very positive state.

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