Predicting who Jacksonville will select with the No. 9 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft


The Jacksonville Jaguars are currently in ninth place. Posted in the general classification of the first round of the NFL 2020 selection. As a result of the disappointing and forgotten 2019 season, Jaguars have decided to start from scratch, as the weak AFC south franchise is about to get back on its feet from ninth place in the standings next month.

On the other hand, the failure of the Jaguar campaign in 2019 allowed Jacksonville to turn things around quickly. However, it remains to be seen in which direction the Jaguars will eventually restructure the team, as the choice of 9th place will be the result of a very difficult decision. A place in the fully occupied tour class is certainly an opportunity to start from scratch.

Justin Herbert Buy More, Oregon Ducks.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have guaranteed that Gardner Minshue II, the future quarterback for the second year in a row, would make his debut for the team halfway through next season by replacing veteran Nick Fols with the Chicago Bears at the start of the post-season. However, the Jaguars can opt for one of the top three quarterbacks in this year’s NFL design class, as Justin Herbert, formerly known as the Oregon Ducks, is still available. There’s no way Jaguar’s former LSU Tigers quarterback Joe Barrow or former Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback Tua Tagovayloa can choose if Jacksonville stays in box 9, so Herbert remains the next obvious option if the team eventually decides to take that route.

Although this scenario is the most unlikely, it can be implemented if the jaguars want to have an early peak at the end of April. Since the aforementioned Minshew II has only been a rookie for half the season, the Jaguars’ brilliant mind may not be as strong as it seems – especially when a talented player like Herbert is somehow still number 9.

By Andrew Thomas, Georgia Bulldogs.

Whether it’s Gardner Minshew II or Justin Herbert as quarterback, the Jacksonville Jaguars: one thing will remain the same in the future – the team must protect its opening shot. If the Jaguars make that choice, Jacksonville can seriously improve their offensive stance with the team’s first choice in the NFL design in 2020, while the best option for the AFC south franchise is almost certainly the offensive takeover of Georgia by Andrew Thomas Bulldogs.

As one of the top talents in this year’s concept class, Thomas is undoubtedly at the top of the NFL professional ranks. Thomas could not have been more ready to make the jump from Georgia to the NFL, as his former colleague, in particular, gained experience in pro-type operations during his three years as a member of the Heraldic Bulldog.

It is likely to be the offensive takeover of Iowa by the Tristan Virfs Hawkies, who will be the first offensive vessel to go overboard after the first round of the NFL 2020 project. With several teams needing a block for the Jaguars, the shots are sure to go a long way when Jacksonville hits the plate. However, Thomas may still be available while the Jaguars have to jump to catch a player who can make such an impact in his new season.

WR CeeDee Lamb, Oklahoma Sooners

There is no doubt that the Jacksonville Jaguars will have to improve their position considerably after the team has qualified for next month’s first round. Whether attacking or defending, Jaguars must choose a player who can positively influence the team’s recovery process. With this concept in mind it is possible that sooner or later the wide receiver position can be used for Jacksonville.

Although there are more than a few options to select the best receiver, it seems that Siddie Lamb of the former Oklahoma will soon be the first pass receiver to leave the draw in April. As Jerry Gedi and Henry Ruggs III were once known as the Crimson Tide of Alabama, and for that honour, The Lamb could offer Jaguars both a credible target in the middle and a deep threat to get them airborne.

Luckily for Jaguar, Jacksonville chooses the New York Jets and Oakland Raiders for 11 and 12 seats. It’s no secret that jets and raiders always plan to improve the wide receiver with the Denver Broncos and maybe even look at passage number 15.

Xavier Rhodes, the Vikings.