Redskins, Patriots Among Trade Fits To Bucs’ Tight End

Biscuits bring OJ Howard into the trading block, Rob Gronkowski speaks at the warm-up.


Rob Gronkowski and O.J. Howard.

The pirates in Tampa Bay go out of season. The franchisees probably got their best free man autograph and brought Tom Brady to downtown Florida.

Tampa Bay isn’t ready yet. Reportedly, the franchise wants to buy the former O.J. Howard’s first-round project.

I think Howard has a great name, but I think there’s a bowel problem, Lombardi said. I think he’ll be free. Lombardi also added that he wouldn’t be surprised if Howard was dismantled next week, as our Wynne Somma did recently.

Howard missed 2019 and only caught 34 balls. He met coach Bruce Arian, and it would have been a shame if he had been on the team early next season.

Which teams should be exchanged for Howard?

Patriots make sense as admirers. After Rob Gronkowski’s retirement, life in New England has been pretty quiet at the TE station. If you play for Pat, you can use dynamic weapons like Howard.

The Red Skins are probably the only team that makes more sense. Washington saw Vernon Davis retire and they let Jordan Reid join a free agency (at the time of writing Reid is still a free agent).

The new coach, Ron Rivera, should be able to make the most of Howard, as he did in Carolina with Greg Olsen, despite the precarious Buy More game the Redskins are expected to face in 2020.

Tampa Bay is to be confiscated, and Washington has a prime minister in Trent Williams, but a disgruntled player in the position. It will be interesting to see if Bucky is willing to take Williams in exchange for Howard, and which party wants extra compensation. I think the Hides will take Howard and the fourth round for Williams.

Gronck joins Brady in Tampa?

There are rumors that Bucky’s coming after Gronck and Brady’s reunion. GM Buccaneers asked Jason Licht about this scenario and told reporters that Gronck’s performance in the WWE was good and that he had no idea if the narrow section wanted to play soccer.

Brady recently wrote about his desire to maximize his time in the NFL. In the time that remains, the question arises as to how I can continue to maximize what I do, use and do everything I can. At this point in my career, the only person I have to prove anything is myself, said Brady, who turns 43 in August.

Adding another weapon to Gronk seems like a way for Brady to make the most of his skills, although Tampa Bay is quite complex, so the brick will be fine if the narrow end remains retired.

Gronkowski’s rights still belong to the Patriots, and Light recognized them earlier. Tampa Bay will have to make a deal with New England to get the city through.

What would that look like? It’s not clear, but it’s hard to imagine Bill Belichik Gronkowski just going to Tampa Bay with Brady as coach/general manager in New England. Expect the Patriots to get a fortune back when Gronck returns and wants to play elsewhere.

Could that be good Howard? It’s possible.

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