Simon Pegg Teases Benji ‘s Mission Evolution: Impossible 7

Simon Pegg has taken his next assignment and returns as Benji Dunn: Impossible 7 and 8. Originally it was thought that the films would be shot in reverse order this summer, but the shooting had to be postponed due to production stops around the world. Anyway, Peggy will be reunited with Tom Cruise and director Christopher McCoarry, not for one, but for two more action-packed adventures, and he made a little joke about what to expect.

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk to Simon Pegg about his latest film, Heredity. During the conversation, I asked him what we could expect from Benji in the mission: Impossible 7. According to Pegg, Benji will take the luggage left over from the previous two films Rogue Nation and Fallout, which will influence him. That’s exactly what Pegg should have said.

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[Christopher McCoarry] is convinced that these films, the story is a kind of continuous narrative. So the heroes, what they experience in each film, move on to the next film. I think, especially with Benji, he went from an enthusiastic lab assistant to a field worker. Like a little puppy, he wanted to wear a mask.
Then suddenly his hands got dirty, and in the last movie he almost died. I think all these things will count to determine who’s next. I really like it. I like the fact that the movies aren’t just downloaded. They’re advancing with the weight of what was before. Next time I play Benji, I’ll try to do it in that spirit. That he’s not a smart guy with a bristly tail. He had it, and it was awful.

Indeed, a lot has happened since Benji first came into the limelight in 2011 as part of the Ghost Protocol. While Brad Bird made the fourth shot of the series, Christopher McQuarrie wrote about it when he started his race for the franchise. McQuarrie resumed writing and directing the next two sequels with great success. In 2018, Fallout was the biggest hit of the series with $787 million in worldwide box office revenue.

After his success, Paramount Pictures blocked the director for two more sequels. As Simon Pegg points out, Christopher McQuarry’s race in the series was closely related. Without going into details, he seems willing to continue where we left off in these new suites. Besides Pegg and Tom Cruise Rebecca Ferguson, Wing Reims, Henry Cherney and Vanessa Kirby return. New cast members are Nicholas Holet (Dark Phoenix), Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter), Shea Whiteham (Joker) and Pom Clementjeff (Avengers: War on Infinity).

Paramount has recently opened new release dates for the sequels. The mission: It’s impossible to do the 19th. November 2021 with the mission to come to the theatres: There’s no chance 8 of them will make it to the 4th of November 2022. In the meantime, you can see Simon Pegg in the bequest, now available on DirecTV, which will be broadcast on the 22nd. May at Vertical Entertainment digital and will be available on request.

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