Special Minecraft-Themed Nintendo Switch Controller Releasing This Week

The manufacturers of Power-A controllers have unveiled another brand new Nintendo Shift controller that will close this week. In particular, the company introduced the new Nintendo Switch pro controller in the field of Minecraft, which will be released on 10 November. April, or at least it implies a registration on Amazon. In addition, the list indicates that Power A charges $50 per controller, which is the standard price for the switching controllers.

According to the list, in addition to the special design of the Minecraft Turf Block, the Bluetooth wireless controller is built for comfort, uses motion controls, has advanced mappable game buttons, and lasts up to 30 hours on batteries. Although it can be used in a dock or unpacked, it does not support HD-Brum, IR or Amiibo functionality.

Play your favourite Nintendo Switch games like a pro with this officially licensed POWER Advanced Wireless Controller, developed by Minecraft Grasblock, and read the official production description of the controller. Designed for comfort during long gaming sessions, this Bluetooth wireless controller features motion control, advanced displayable game buttons and a standard ergonomic layout. Play up to 30 hours on fresh alkaline batteries (other variables affect playing time) or add your own rechargeable batteries. Can be used when the Nintendo Button is in the Dock or when it is unlocked. It does not support HD-brom, IR or Amiibo NFC.

(Photo: Power A)

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