State Announces Phased Re-opening Plans Coming Thursday •

Governor Newsome and Dr. Sonia Angell explain protocols for regional variation

In recent weeks, there has been a breakdown in the supply of emergency shelter in homes across the state as community groups have grown up around the demand for economic and social openness and the fear of mass deaths resulting from the opening of shelters.
Demonstrations and rallies in SLO County and across the United States have revealed the frustration of 50 days of housing orders that have severely damaged the economy and destroyed markets, personal economies and jobs.

After a fear-based reaction to hide from a relatively unknown new coronavirus, science in the United States laid the foundation for an economic recovery with changes in health and safety in seven weeks.

Statements made by SLO County officials last week, including the SLO County guide’s START version, which talks about the recovery of the County’s economy and community, have been added to the progress expected this week for the future. The state was unaware of the urgency for progress when the Governor of California, Gavin Newsome, spoke Monday.

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data-medium-file= data-large-file= src= alt=Newsom class=wp-image-24433 jetpack-lazy-image data-recalc-dims=1 data-large-image data-large-file=;ssl=1 /> California Governor Gavin Newsom at a press conference on Monday.

Today we are announcing our efforts to update our Home Stay Policy, according to Newsome. We will publish our guidelines on Thursday. If the guidelines are followed and changes are made, people in some sectors may start to open their doors again. It could start at the end of this week.

The press room described in detail the configuration of the first phase, so that shopkeepers can open with changes at the end of the week. The second phase included restaurants and cafes – although regional control was confirmed – which allowed SLA County to rediscover the specific needs and capabilities of the businesses and residents of SLA County.

We’re entering the next phase at the end of this week, Newsome said. We will allow regional variability, but only after self-certification of certain criteria.

Newsom representatives gave a general direction that counties should begin to approve local government and declare businesses and facilities so that Dr. Penny Borenstein, SLO County Health Care Manager, and Administrative Manager Wade Horton, in conjunction with the County Council, can begin the transition to Phase 1 of the SLO County START Guide.

On Monday, the California Director of Health, Dr. Sonia Angell, declared and defined the large samples related to the Governor’s news and confirmed regional control.

Counties can apply for or confirm second-phase exemptions, Dr. Angell said. – This means that they can move to the second stage faster if they confirm that they meet the criteria for state readiness.

In addition, Dr. Angell said counties can submit preparation plans that the SLO County Council publicly presented on Friday as the SLO County START guide.

It is not yet clear how quickly the START leaders will ensure that the local economy is open and functioning. Dr. Borenstein should clarify the details during the briefing session that opens today at 3:15 p.m. in the ASO District Common Information Center on Kansas Avenue. The briefing will be broadcast live here from the district health office.

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