The 10 Best Moments From Season 1


This year, Star Trek fans have seen the return of Sir Patrick Stuart as Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: Picard 18 years after Stuart hung on Star Trek in a Starfleet uniform: Nemesis. 10 weeks and 10 episodes later, the first season of Star Trek: Picard’s over. In the last episode, Et in Arcadia Ego, part 2, Picardy had a new life, said goodbye to his favourite character (this time forever), saw another favourite character actively working again, alluded to a romance in the second season of the series, and experienced many other exciting moments that changed the Star Trek universe for the future.

But in the first season of the show there were so many great moments that we decided it was worthwhile to bring some of our favorites together. Some are stupid, some are sharp, some are a pain in the ass. To spread the love throughout the season, we have chosen a great moment from each of the 10 episodes that are part of the first season of Star Trek : Picard.

What was your favorite moment of Star Trek’s first season? Picard? Let us know what you think of Star Trek’s first season: Picard in the comments. Writing for Star Trek: Season 2 of Picard has already begun.

I don’t want the gameto end.

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Star Trek: The Picard begins with a scene that plays with the nostalgia of the audience. You can see Enterprise J moving through space. Inside, Picard and Data play poker with ten attackers.

That’s still a little wrong. The data is in the wrong uniform, with five queens in their hands. Soon everything collapsed and opened up like a dream, but it was a good dream as long as it lasted.

County. F… Hybris,

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In the second episode of the series Map and Legend, Picard travels to Starfleet headquarters in San Francisco. The scene provides a pleasant introduction to the new Starfleet uniform and the first iterations of the USS Enterprise.

But it’s not going as Picard hoped. His explosive encounter with Admiral Clancy, the head of Starfleet, made fans realise that Picardy’s relationship with Starfleet has changed dramatically.


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The first three episodes of the series are the first act of the season. The third episode, End – Start, ends with a perfect transition of the threshold moment.

With Dr. Agnes Hurati and Romulan agents after him, Picardy is on its way to La Serena. He is welcomed by Raffi and Rios. His colourful crew is assembled, he gives the command and the adventure really unfolds.

You owe me a ship.

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Picard will soon endanger his crew. Piet stops to take Elnor and places La Serena in the sights of a Romulan warlord with an old raptor. They end the fight, and everything’s starting to go wrong for La Serena.

Then comes a mysterious ship with a great pilot. The boat saved the La Serena, but it’s damaged. Picard orders the ship’s pilot to beam down, and it turns out to be nothing more than Star Trek: Seventh of nine travelers.

It’s a free planet!

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In an episode of Stardust City Rag, Picard and his team join Bruce Maddox in Freakford. This wicked community doesn’t welcome heroes like Seven and Picard, so they have to change and try to get rid of Maddox.

While everyone is dressed in light costumes, it is curious that Jean-Luc Picard wears a beret and a blindfold and speaks with an exaggerated French accent. Maybe that’s why they didn’t try to let Patrick Stewart influence the French accent in Star Trek: The next generation?

You are Jean-Luc Picard, not the speaker.

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In the episode The Impossible Crate, La Serena’s team arrived at the artifact, an abandoned Borg cube where Soji was working. Picard should only go to the cube, but he is greeted by familiar faces.

Picard will find Hugh aboard the ship. The strong embrace he shares with a former Borg drone was filmed during the shooting on set, and is one of the most moving moments of the show.

Thank you… for not trying to talk me out of it.

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Talk about powerful meetings: The seventh episode of the series was one of the most important. Looking for a place to relax and find out for his next film, Picard takes Soji to the planet Nephent.

He has been reunited with his former First Officer Will Riker and former ship’s advisor Deanna Troy. This whole episode is a long and tender moment for Star Trek: Fans of the new generation, but perhaps more gently, Picardy flies with Riker to thank him for everything he’s done.

We are Borg.

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In episode eight, Broken Pieces, Seven, it comes to the rescue again. This time she answers Eleanor’s distress call and finds him aboard the artifact.

To help save the old Borg from the cube, Seven took the cube and temporarily became the queen of the ship. This is an important moment for anyone who has followed Star Trek Seven’s journey: Travel.


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To find out the truth about this admonition, Sutra Soyi’s sister performs a volcanic mind-meld with Dr. Yurati. It reveals a message to the androids of the extraordinary alliance of synthetic life.

One moment says a lot about how far synthetic life has come, because they have mastered a technique that is difficult even for many Vulcans. It also connects the dragster stories of classic Star Trek, Spock and Data outsiders.

Blue sky

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It wasn’t easy to choose your favourite moment in the finals. Riker is back on duty, and a new twist on Picardy’s maneuver.

But in the end, we had to use an example of the events of the season as a guide. Picard is dying, but he is being sent into a quantum simulation in which the consciousness of Data is still localized.

At the end of their conversation, Data asked Picard to let him die. This moment has many different meanings. This symbolises that Picardy comes to its senses with the sacrifice of Data and the natural conclusion about Data’s desire to become more human. And it offers a much better start than Data got in Star Trek: Nemesis.stranger things best scenes season 1,best witcher scenes,stranger things best scenes season 3,stranger things best scenes season 2