The Empire Strikes Back Tie-The Anthology

Since the takeover of Lucas film by Disney, the galaxy has been explored in many new and exciting directions, and one of the most unique projects is the book Star Wars: From a certain point of view, which is an extension of a certain point of view: The Empire takes revenge, which will happen on the 10th. November’s on the shelves. As the first entry in a series commemorating the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: The Book of New Hope is published to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the birth of the Church. anniversary of the first continuation of the series. describes the Anthology book series from a certain point of view: The Empire retaliates and celebrates its 40th anniversary. Birthday of Episode V and meeting on the 10th. November. Just like his predecessor, in a way: The Empire Strikes Back contains 40 stories by 40 authors who rethink the classic sequel through the eyes of the background characters – heroes, villains, droids and creatures.

As if 40 new stories are not exciting enough for fans to want to see the book, those of us who remember reading the first part know that it contains a series of shocking revelations. The basic idea is that it focuses on secondary characters and adventures, or the main characters in invisible moments where the various authors have almost complete freedom to lead the characters in a number of unexpected directions.

Star Wars Empirefrom a certain angle (Photo: Lucasfilm Publishing)

For example, one of the revelations in the previous book is what happened to Obi-Wan right after he sacrificed himself in a fight with Darth Vader, including a reunion with his former master Qui-Gon Gene. Another exciting addition to the Star Wars canon is the story of Bob Fett and why he was at Tatooine in the special edition of New Hope, where he also explains in detail why he hated Han Solo so much.

The new book is not only dedicated to the Reichsfest, but also serves a charitable purpose. noted that all participating authors have generously waived compensation for their stories. Instead, the proceeds will go to Book One, a large non-profit organization that provides new books, educational materials and other essential products to educators and organizations working for children in need. To celebrate the book launch and the two companies’ long-standing relationship with the first book, Penguin Random House will donate $100,000 for the first book, and Disney/Lucasfilm will donate $1,000,000 in children’s books to support the first book and its mission to ensure equal access to quality education.

Although the full list of authors hasn’t been published yet, many of them have added Twitter with the hashtag #FromaCertainPOVStrikesBack.

Stay with us for detailed information from a specific point of view: The Empire takes revenge.

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