The Lodge is coming to Blu-ray and Hulu in May

This freezing nightmare, certified fresh on rotten tomatoes, haunts a family that feels isolated and alone when a blizzard lures them to their hut, while terrible events bring back ghosts from the past. Own Vigwam on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital 5/5

– Wigwam (@thelodgemov) 8. April 2020.

The Lodge premiered at last year’s Sundance Film Festival and after a series of delays in opening dates, it was finally released in limited edition theatres early this year as the coronavirus pandemic hit the film industry as a whole and made it difficult for some fans to watch this disturbing experience. Luckily the film is on amateur video in May and will be broadcasted on Hula the same day. Unfortunately, at the next physical release film trailers will only be available as special feature films. The box of Goodnight Mommy’s directors, Veronica Franz and Severin Fiala, will open on the 5th day. Can land on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital HD and Hulu

The lodge follows the family, who retreat to their secluded winter cottage during the holidays. When a father (Richard Armitage) is suddenly forced to go to work, he leaves his children Aiden (Jaden Martell) and Mia (Leah McHugh) with his new girlfriend Grace (Riley Keow). Isolated and alone, a blizzard draws them into the house, while terrifying events depict spirits from Grace’s dark past.

Despite the disturbing theme of the film, Star McHugh confirmed that the shooting was much more fun, even though it took place in an almost deserted location.

(Photo: NEON)

We always had fun on set. The actress has never experienced much tension that she has shared with others. Like me, I laughed between shots. The whole team and everyone there… we had a good time with everyone. Even when we left the house, we were still stuck in a hotel that literally looked like The Shining, and it was completely empty. It was a golf resort, and it was [in the middle of winter], so no one was there. They closed the kitchen because the hotel was understaffed. So they can bring us overheated soup and salad and try to make us something to eat. But we had a good time.

Because the story took place in the middle of winter in an isolated house, the environment and the themes gave rise to certain difficulties.

Being sure in the elements was just hard, Martell described in detail. It was fun, and I especially think that the emotional part of staying in that house and the feeling of having such heavy equipment was rather difficult. But it’s hard to say without ruining something.

Wigwam’s in the theaters now.

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