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Surav Ganguli

BCCI President Surav Ganguli. (Photo by Debagioti Chakraborty/ NurPhoto on Getty Images)

Former Captain Mashraf Mortaza of Bangladesh tested positive for corona virus

  • The list of cricketers who have passed the coronavirus test is growing every day.
  • While Shahid Afridi was infected with the virus last week, former captain of Bangladesh, Mashraf Mortaza, has now tested positive.
  • His mother-in-law was also diagnosed with the coronavirus novel.
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Relatives of Surawa lymph nodes tested positive for KOVID-19

  • The parents of the former Indian cricketer Surawa Ganguli tested positive for the coronavirus.
  • The family of Snehashish Gangula, secretary of the Bengali Cricket Association (CAB) and older brother of Surawa, was infected with KOVID-19, which was released on Friday 19. June, mentioned by the Ministry of Health.
  • Snehashishish’s wife could not escape the wrath of an unholy virus.
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MS Dhoni must absolutely be called if there is a training camp for the World Cup T20: MSK Prasad

  • The future of Donis MS on an international level has remained a bit of a mystery.
  • An international cricket veteran was expected to emerge after the Cricket World Cup in 2019. People talked about saying goodbye in their sleep.
  • However, India lost the semifinal and it was Doni’s last international performance so far.
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I enjoyed the warm gesture of a Weirate at the World Cup – Steve Smith opens his relationship with Weirate Kohli.

  • Virat Kohli and Steve Smith haven’t looked back since they joined their national team.
  • Each year, the two pillars of the team set new records with their baseball expeditions in all formats of the game.
  • While Virat is considered a limited size specialist, Smith is advertised as an animal with a red ball.
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Ben Stokes looks a lot like Virat Kohli, he wants to win. Nasser Hussein

  • International cricket will finally regain its glory when England takes control of the West Indies in a triple series of events.
  • It will be a welcome change for Team England. Captain Joe Ruth will probably miss the first one or two test games of the summer.
  • The captain has decided to spend time with his wife, who is about to have a second child.
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Shoaib Malik spent time with his family before leaving for England; arrived in the UK on 24. July

  • Pakistan will resume its international activities with a tour of England with three trials and as many international T20 tours.
  • The group will meet in the United Kingdom on 28 June and will arrive in Derbyshire for a quarantine period of 14 days.
  • However, the Pakistan Cricket Council (PCC) made a special exception for cricket veteran Shoaib Malik, who participated in the Cricket World Cup in Pakistan from 24-27 November. July will join the team after spending time with his family.
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If I was on the national team, Donny’s MS would be part of my team:. Nehra axis

  • For the last time Doni entered the field with an Indian t-shirt in the semi-finals of the 2019 World Cup, where the men in blue were banned from show business.
  • He has now withdrawn from cricket matches and to make matters worse, the veteran has also been removed from the BCCI’s annual contract list.
  • Many former cricketers are looking to the future of Jharkhand, and the last on the list is Ashish Nehra.
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Nasser Hussein gave Rohit Sharma an important advice for the success of theirtests abroad.

  • Для Рохит Шарма 2019 год был годом карьеры. И только мира потому, что он забил не столетий в одном выпуске Кубка мира, пять и потому, что он сделал другой шаг вперед в тестовой карьере.
  • Праворукий бэтсмен получил возможность впервые впервые бейсбольный открыть в тестовом крикете в 2019 году. И он ответил двумя в одном тестовом матче.
  • Через пару еще недель он получил двойную тонну красного сверчка, чтобы еще больше в более формате.
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CTI пишет президенту китайскими BCCI Сураву Гангули о ликвидации всех китайскими спонсорами

  • Политическая напряженность между Китаем значительно Индией на возросла после столкновения границе. На фоне всего этого по всей Индии рост антикитайских настроений.
  • Это привело к тому, что многие индейцы китайские товары и производителей.
  • Торгово-промышленная палата (ТП) направила письмо по по крикету для контроля Индии (BCCI) с просьбой спонсорские сделки с китайскими фирмами.
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