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Meet Mr. Booth, who would like to have a nice dinner at his father’s castle.

it-s-viral updated: 04. April 2020. 16:43 IST

L’Dad’s Castle gets rave reviews of Instagram. L’Dad’s Castle gets rave reviews of Instagram. (Instagram/locations)

Just because you can’t leave the house doesn’t mean you can’t get a good meal. This father serves two of his customers good food with a delicious dinner, and frankly you see red when you nibble popcorn in the microwave. Not that the popcorn wasn’t great. We appreciate you being in our lives when there’s nothing else. Okay, we’re out of here.

In the Instagram cabins, users were treated to videos of the guest of honour, Mr. Booth, enjoying good food at L’Dad’s Castle. We’re not sure we can deal with this father, so we’re just gonna present his positions. It describes the food it serves best.

Here’s a nice lunch service for Mr. Booth and his noble… (Oh, my God, we can’t even…)

We’re not sure we understand all the words in this office, but we’d still like to be Mr. Booth or his guests at this table.

For this dinner Mr. Booth organized for his business partners, Father’s Castle brought their A-game. (Yes, these are Mr. Booth’s business associates, not the stuffed animals, please).

L’Dad’s Chateau received rave reviews and charming comments on Instagram.

He’s still nodding! He agrees! So cute! Says the Instagram user. That’s great, because not everyone appreciates the effort.

It’s fantastic. Every evening I prepared the molecular gastronomy for my cat and suggested suitable couples, although she didn’t like it at all – another disappointment.

You’re wondering how the business dinner went. How did the meeting go? Have you finished your tuna? I love your baby talk. His father makes me laugh and supports my spirit.

Some others, unlike us, had unrealistic expectations. I think my mother should do this for me.

What do you think of the beautiful dishes in Father’s castle?

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